Frequently Asked Questions


Thinking about starting a club, but you don’t know how to begin or who to contact? Want to experience travel and cultural events while you’re at MxCC, but you’re not sure where to buy tickets? Below are some commonly asked questions about what the MxCC Student Activities office has to offer and how you can participate.

1.       How much of my time will be required to participate in Student Senate?

The time commitment depends on the type of involvement you choose. Senate meets 1.5-2 hours weekly during the year. Senate Officer roles require more time than Senator-at-Large positions. Meetings are arranged according to students’ semester schedules. Senate members also meet informally to plan, organize and attend events and prepare for upcoming meetings. Any type of involvement with the Student Senate is guaranteed to enhance your college career and beyond. You should devote as much of your time to Senate as you are able. Any student may volunteer to plan and execute events (but will not have voting rights if not a Senator or club representative to Senate). Students may attend and observe meetings to see if serving on Senate is for them.

2.      Where do I get a bus pass?

Bus passes to MAT (Middletown Area Transit) serving Middletown, Cromwell, East Hampton and Portland are available at the MAT office located at 340 Main Street in Middletown, CT. Check their website at: Bus schedules can also be found here or you can pick one up at the Information Desk or Student Activities Office in Founders Hall.

3.      What kind of athletics and recreational activities do you have?

Students may borrow athletic equipment from the SAO for recreational use outside or in the Game Room. We have game tables in the Game Room and a supply of outdoor equipment for flag football, wiffle ball, Frisbee or other games. Currently, students are welcome to engage in pick up soccer several days per week on campus.

5.      Why doesn’t MxCC have athletic teams?

MxCC, like most community colleges, does not offer intercollegiate athletics. This is primarily because most MxCC students are working or have other commitments and unable to devote time to competitive athletics. Additionally, we are a very small institution (approx. 2,900 students) and therefore do not have enough qualified students to build full teams. Also, athletic teams are expensive and MxCC does not have resources to pay for coaches, transportation, uniforms, etc.

6.      How can I start a club?

To start a club and receive funding, you need 4 main things:

  • a minimum of two officers and five additional regular members.
  • a Constitution detailing your purpose and membership
  • an advisor to the club
  • to complete and submit all official paperwork to Student Senate for approval

Visit the SAO to learn more and pick up the required paperwork.