Student Email

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (ConnSCU) issues all new community college students an email account upon acceptance. Official college communications from administrative and academic offices, faculty and staff will come to students only via this new school email address. The email account will be yours for life.

This will be the ONLY email the college and your instructors will use to communicate with you.

Office365 available for free to students!

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To log into your student email:
  1. Click on the Microsoft Office 365 web address:
  2. In the User ID field, enter your NetID [eight-digit Banner ID) followed by (ex:]

NOTE: You MUST use your NetID to login to the Microsoft Office 365 portal (not your assigned email address).

When you click on the password field, you will see a redirect alert

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 12.27.26 PM
and then a pop-up box that will prompt you to enter your ID and password again
student email pop up box

  1. Enter your information again into this authentication box. Your password is the same password that you use to login to

NOTE: If you are new to the college and have not changed your password in myCTState, you will need to do that first. See instructions in blue box below.

  1. Click the OK button
  2. You should now be logged in to your student email
You can also view your new email address and log into Office 365 through the “Student Email Channel” in myCTState:
  1. Log into using your Net ID and password (see instructions below if you’re a first-time user)
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. The Student Email channel will display your new email account address and a link to the Office 365 Login page
  4. Click on the Office 365 login link and login with your NetID and password, following the steps above
Logging into for the first time and changing your password:

If you’ve never logged into, you will need to do so and change your password BEFORE you can login to your student email. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your NetID into the box (your NetID is the same as the ID in step 2 above)

NOTE: If you don’t know your NetID, use the “Forgot NetID” tool underneath the ID and password. Your password is the first three letters of your birth month with the first letter capitalized (ex. Mar), the & sign, and the last four numbers of your social security number. An example password would be Jan&1234.

  1. When you login, a box will pop up prompting you to change your password (this is the password you will use to login to and your email from now on)