Good to Know

To help you through life at MxCC, we’ve created some information that is GOOD TO KNOW:

Student ID Cards

Each Middlesex student needs to obtain and carry a student photo identification (ID) card.  The card serves as a library card, is required for textbook purchases from the MxCC bookstore, and allows you to borrow resources from Student Activities and the Academic Success Center.

To apply for a card, bring a driver’s license or other personal ID and proof of MxCC registration to any open registration periods – or visit the College Information and Communications Center (CICC) in Founders Hall.

The ID card is good forever, and is updated with expiration stickers. Replacement ID cards will be issued at no charge. Students must display their card at all times and may be asked to present their ID card to any MxCC faculty or staff member for purposes of identification. Keep lanyards to display photo ID cards from the Bookstore (in Founders Hall).

GREAT NEWS! Show your MxCC ID card and receive discounts at many local merchants.

Dress Code

Toward the goal of campus safety and respect for one another in the academic learning environment, please remove all non-religious head coverings when entering buildings. That includes but is not limited to caps, sunglasses, and hoodies. We encourage all members of the college environment to wear attire conducive to a respectful learning community.

MxCC Bookstore

The Bookstore (located in Founders Hall within the Student Lounge and online) sells all required textbooks and course-related materials, school supplies, snacks, MxCC clothing and mementos, backpacks, reference books, and educationally discounted computer software. The Bookstore staff is happy to special order text and reference books.

Purchases may be made with cash, personal check, VISA, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. Students requiring financial aid for the purchase of books should first confer with the Financial Aid Office. Your student ID will be required to purchase textbooks.

Contact the MxCC Bookstore at 860-346-4490 or via fax at 860-344-1058..

Click here for hours

Places to Eat on Campus

Enjoy a meal or snack at our cafeteria in Founders Hall, open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. during fall and spring semesters. Students are responsible for clearing their table areas.

Vending machines for snacks and beverages are located in the cafeteria, lower level Chapman Hall, and upstairs in Snow and Wheaton Halls on the Middletown campus, and at MxCC@Platt. If you lose money in a vending machine, please contact the Business Office in Founders Hall, Room 113 for a refund. Please provide the vending machine number if possible.


A coin-operated photocopy machine is available for student use in the library.

Wireless Access, Loaner Laptops, and Computers for Student Use

Both the Middletown campus and MxCC@Platt offer secure wireless access for students with an active NetID and password to use their laptops or mobile devices.  Additionally, MxCC offers laptops for loan as well as computer labs for students at the following location (available during posted hours):


Wheaton 305- Open Computer Lab with PCs and Macs
Chapman 607 – Located in the Jean Burr Smith Library– Open Lab with Macs
Chapman 612– Located in the Jean Burr Smith Library– Open Lab with PCs and Macs


Computer Username Information:
Username: mxcc-student (case sensitive)
Password: student@Mxcc (case sensitive)

Wifi/Internet: Wifi access is Guest Access
Username: Guest
Password: Meriden

24 x 7 Online Help Desk: Trouble with Blackboard, myCommNet, Banner, Self-Service, Office 365, NetID Support/Password Resets, Wireless and Library Services??? There is help! You can contact support by calling 860-723-0221 OR going to the Online Help Desk website: OR submit an online ticket to create a case.

Lost and Found

Lost something on campus?  Come to the College Information and Communications Center (CICC) in Founders Hall to see if it has been turned in.  It’s a good idea to check in with us more than once as your items may be turned in at a later date. If you found something, bring it to the CICC and we will keep it safe until someone claims it. Please note that all items are disposed of after a 6-month holding period.

Vision Center

The MxCC Vision Center is located in the lower level of Chapman Hall, and is available for students, faculty, and staff to purchase prescription glasses and contact lenses. Hours will be posted at the beginning of each semester.


The MxCC Middletown campus has two parking areas: a 400-car parking lot below Founders Hall and a 200-car parking area above Snow Hall. Each has student parking and restricted parking for staff and for those with disabilities. No student parking stickers are required.

Students with permanent disabilities may obtain a special parking sticker from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles. Students with a temporary disability may request a temporary special sticker from the Dean of Students for on-campus parking only.

It is the responsibility of each vehicle registrant and operator to know and comply with the parking regulations. A copy of the regulations is available from the Dean of Administration.

Voter Registration

Mail-in voter registration forms are available in the Enrollment Services Office. Students, faculty, staff, and community members can register for the first time, list a change of name or address, or register with or change party affiliation.

Campus security

Students, staff and faculty may call campus security for an escort to their vehicle for any reason. Campus security can be reached Monday through Friday during the following times:

8 a.m.-3 p.m. — Dial 36904 or 36905 from any college phone, or call 860-343-6904 or 860-343-6905. If you do not reach security, dial 35800 from any college phone (or call 860-343-5800), and choose “O” for an operator.

3 p.m. – 4 .p.m. — Dial 35731 from any college phone for Dean Hogan (or call 860-343-5731).
After 4 p.m. and Saturdays — Call campus security at 860-463-5062.

The Security Station Guardhouse is located adjacent to the Lower Chapman parking lot. Our guards provide traffic control in the parking lots, and investigate, assist and notify college administration in cases involving accidents, thefts, emergency situations and matters of facility, staff and student security.

Reporting Crimes or EMERGENCIES

Emergency phones are wall-mounted in every classroom lab, and gallery if a student, staff, faculty member, or guest needs to report an emergency situation or requires immediate assistance. These phones are intended for emergency purposes only and therefore are intentionally designed to dial internal extensions (Guard = 36904, Maintenance = 35864, Dean = 35751) and Emergency 911 only. They cannot make local or long -distance telephone calls. The red emergency phones in the hallways of each building may also be used. These phones are directly connected to either a management administrator or the Security Guard, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and do not require dialing, just a lift of the handset.

Call 911 in case of a medical, fire or police emergency.

Other non-emergency situations may be reported during normal hours of operation to:
The Office of the Dean of Administration ( in Founders Hall, Room 106, 860-343-5731
The Maintenance Supervisor ( in Founders Hall, Room 148, 860-343-5864
The College Information and Communications Center in Founders Hall 860-343-5800

Student Safety Responsibilities
In order to maintain a safe environment, the College relies on the awareness and involvement of the faculty, staff and student body. Staff and students alike must assume responsibility for their own personal safety and the security of personal property (college is not responsible for lost or damaged property). This can be accomplished through the application of the following common sense guidelines:

  1. Always lock vehicles when leaving them unattended.
  2. Do not leave valuable items inside vehicles in plain view. Lock them in the trunk.
  3. When walking to a vehicle, walk with others (the “buddy system”) or contact campus security for an escort.
  4. Have keys ready when returning to a vehicle. Always look around the area to ensure that no stranger is hiding near or behind the car.
  5. Do not leave belongings unattended.
  6. Do not give personal information to strangers.
  7. If a crime is committed, report it to the College at once.

Sex Offender Registry

Federal law requires that institutions of higher education inform students that sex offender registry information is available at Connecticut Department of Public Safety (CDPS) offices throughout the state, at local police departments and at state police troops with jurisdiction over our region. The CDPS publishes the names of persons who have been convicted of criminal sex offenses and who are required to register in Connecticut. That information is available online at Sex Offender Registry

Inclusion in the sex offender registry does not per se disqualify any person from employment or from being a student at an institution of higher education. Since persons included in the registry have been released into the community, by definition, they have repaid their debt to society. Note that it is a criminal offense to use information in the sex offender registry to injure, harass or commit a criminal act against any person included in the registry.

Uniform Campus Crime Report

In accordance with Connecticut Public Act 90-259, Campus Safety Act, each institution of higher education within the state is annually required to prepare a Uniform Campus Crime Report (UCCR), which is consistent with the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR). This annual reports provides statistics of campus-based crime at Middlesex Community College for each calendar year. Copies of the latest and past reports are available to all students and employees, and upon request, to prospective students and employees, from the Dean of Administration.