Money Questions

Money management is a life skill – and college students are well served to understand how to save and spend wisely.  This will help them through their college years – when money is most likely tight – and as they travel along their career and life paths.

The Connecticut State College System offers some helpful resources to better understand financial aid, paying for college, and managing money in college.  Click here for details.

Additionally, following are some educational blogs and online resources to explore:

  • ”The Cost of a Bad Credit Score” – easy to understand Syracuse University article
  • Blog
  • Hands on Banking – A tool developed by Wells Fargo. Great for people at all stages of life to help learn about finances.
  • Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit  – my3cents guide
  •   – Great resource!  Well-organized!  Straight-forward and easy-to-understand!
    • Highlights:  The Ultimate Guide to the FAFSA
    • Take Charge of Your Finances: A Guide for Students
    • The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Your Credit Score
  •  – The National Endowment for Financial Education site: Extensive financial education and practical info for people of all financial levels
  • Show Me The Future  – has a cool financial literacy and life skills game for young adults
  •  – Committed to guiding millennials to be money smart and financially fit.  Founding partner: Northwestern Mutual. is endorsed by the American Library Association as a Great Web Site for Kids.
  • The Simple Dollar: –   Ranked as a top 10 personal finance blog on Kiplinger, has a top-20 ranking on Technorati for all business/finance blogs and is listed as a top website to help manage your finances by the Chicago Tribune.  Has content for everyone; billed as a personal finance platform you can use to make better financial decisions and grow your bank account.
  • You Can Deal With It  – provides practical and easy-to-understand advice on how to deal with common financial situations facing today’s college students and recent grads
  • CNN Money’s site –  Spending: How to Make a Budget

Visit your local bank or credit union for more information or for advice specific to your personal situation!