President’s Climate Action Response Team (PCART)

President Wasescha signed the American College and University Presidents’ College Commitment (ACUPCC) in April 2012. As part of this signing, the college committed to provide a series of reports and develop a plan for achieving climate neutrality in the future. (For more information, visit Second Nature)

In order to accomplish this, the college enlisted the assistance of Eastern Connecticut State University’s (ECSU’s) Institute for Sustainable Energy to guide them through the process. A team was assembled to address the ACUPCC requirements, including the creation of this Climate Action Plan. Members of the President’s Climate Action Response Team (PCART) include the President, Dean of Finance and Administration, Academic Dean, Dean of Students, staff, faculty, a student rep, representatives from the Institute of Sustainable Energy at Eastern Connecticut State University, and Wesleyan’s Sustainability Coordinator.  As of Fall 2016, the group meets formally once a semester to review and discuss major sustainability issues related to the plan. (Members connect informally on an as-needed basis.)

Here are prior PCART minutes:

Minutes to Meeting_08_14_2015

Minutes to Meeting_09_18_2015

Minutes to Meeting_11_6__2015

Minutes to Meeting_11_20__2015

Minutes to Meeting_1_6_2016

Minutes to Meeting_2_26_2016

Minutes to Meeting_3_18_2016


Minutes to Meeting_05_02_2017