Test Scores & Course Placement

ACCUPLACER Cut Off Scores at Middlesex Community College

Spring 2019:
Students who place into ENG096, MAT095I, or 095 courses, who need to retake one or more Math and/or English course, or who are eligible for Fast Track Workshops may be eligible for the following FREE packages. The Transitional Strategies Packages reflect partnerships with Middletown and Meriden Adult Education where we share funds and resources to assist students. No cost to the packages. This is an excellent way for new students to jump start their education. It is an excellent way for continuing students to refresh skills sets in English and/ or Math.

Middletown Adult Ed Wallingford Adult Ed

College and Career Success

College and Career Success COL*101 is recommended for all students, but it is highly recommended for students who place at the transitional, intensive, and some embedded course levels. These courses include the Fast Tracks in English and Math, ENG*096, ENGALP, ENG*101E, MAT 095I, and MAT 095. (effective Spring 2018)

English and Math Sequences

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