decorativeMiddlesex Community College offers the ability to obtain official transcripts in an electronic (eTranscript) or paper format. Official eTranscripts can be sent to other educational institutions, potential employers, or any other appropriate entities.

  • Current and Recent Students: Students who have been issued a NetID and password should login to myCommNet, navigate to Banner Self-Service, Student Records, Transcripts, and choose which transcript to send (eTranscript or paper). If you do not remember your NetID or password, please use the online self-help tools to obtain your NetID or reset your NetID password.
  • Former Students: Students who have not been issued a NetID, please visit to create an account to request either the eTranscript or paper transcript. Please ensure that your last name, first name, date of birth and last four digits of your SSN are entered correctly so that your request can be processed in a timely manner.

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Please Note: If you completed a Workforce Development/Continuing Education course please contact that office directly at 860-343-5865
or .

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Step 1: Log in or Register

Sign into your Institution’s portal to be redirected directly to the Storefront with an account. If you do not have access to your Institution’s portal, please visit your Institution’s transcript information page for a link to the Storefront to create an account.

Step 2: Select Destination & Documents

  • Organization: Search Parchment’s ever-expanding Receiver Network for your destination Myself: Select your preferred delivery method by choosing the appropriate Product Type Other
  • Individual: Fill in the destination information and preferred delivery method by choosing the appropriate Product Type and send your transcript virtually anywhere

Step 3: Order Details

Click Checkout to continue the ordering process or Continue Shopping to send your transcript to additional destinations.

Step 4: Provide Consent

Provide electronic consent for the release of your Academic Records by your Institution to the Recipient(s) you have provided.

Step 5: Payment

Fill in the applicable payment and billing information. While all transcripts themselves are free, a student may request and pay for expedited FedEx delivery through the “Request etranscript link” located in the mycommnet portal.

Step 6: Review Order

Review all order details before processing your order. Upon successfully submitting your order for processing, you will receive an Order Receipt email.

Transcript Request Process

1. Student requests transcript 2. school approves transcript request 3. school uploads transcripts 4. parchment delivers transcript

Important Delivery Statuses

  • Pending: Order has been submitted and is awaiting processing
  • Processing: The order is being processed
  • Available: (Electronic documents) Order has been processed and r document is available for download
  • Delivered: (Electronic documents) Your document has been downloaded by the recipient
  • Delivered: (Paper documents) Your order has been successfully processed and will be sent as ordered
  • On Hold: Your order has been put on hold — Refer to email comments for details
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled – Refer to email comments for details
  • Error: A processing error occurred – Refer to email comments for details
  • Partially Delivered: The request has multiple documents. At least one document in the order has been delivered and at least one other document has been cancelled.

Transcript FAQs

What application do I need on my computer to open a secure Official PDF Transcript?
The Official PDF Transcript is protected with advanced PDF security and therefore requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The latest version of the free Adobe Reader may be downloaded at

How long is an order held?
Parchment cannot hold a credit card pre-authorization for more than 30 days, so all open orders are cancelled after 30 days. Document requestors are sent a notification email when the order is cancelled, informing them of the cancellation and giving them instructions on entering a new order if desired. The Exception to this are orders On Hold for Grades or Degree. These orders have special processing that allows them to exist beyond the 30 day mark.

When is my credit card charged?
When your order is initially placed, your credit card will be authorized for the purchase amount. After the document(s) are successfully processed, your credit card will be charged.

Data on my transcript is incorrect or missing. What should I do?
Parchment serves as an exchange platform for transcript credentials. This means that Parchment facilitates the request of the transcript(s), thereby notifying the school that the transcript needs to be processed. It is the responsibility of the school to fulfill this request since they are the only entity that has access to your credentials. Once the school has approved the request and sent it, Parchment is responsible for delivering it electronically or by mail to the destination(s) outlined in the order. Parchment delivers transcripts exactly as they are provided from the sending Institution. If you have a question in regard to the content or accuracy of the data included in your transcript, please contact your school directly.

Can I order transcripts for Workforce Development/Continuing Education courses?
No. If you completed a Workforce Development/Continuing Education course please contact that office directly at 860-343-5865 or .