Attach a File to a Discussion Message

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This instruction is only used when your professor has asked you to post your assignment as an attachment on a Discussion Forum. For example, in an English course, you are asked to post your essay on a discussion forum for others to review and comment. In this case, your professor would let you know the format of the file to be attached, such as .rtf (Rich Text Format).

1. Click on the Forum Title to enter.

2. Click on Create Thread to open the message window.

3. Type the subject in the Subject box.

4. Type the message in the Message box.

5. Under Attachments, click on Browse My Computer and then locate the folder where you save the file.

6. Double -click on the file. You will see the file name indicated under Attachments. When you are ready, click on Submit.

7. Your message, with the attached file, will be posted to the last in the list.

8. To verify that the file has been attached, click on the Subject of your message to open. You will see a file link in your message. An attachment icon also indicates that a file is attached to the message. Click on the file link to open file to make sure it is the file you meant to attach.

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