Viewing Events in Calendar

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Your professor may use the Calendar tool to post class activities, instructions for assignments, assignment due dates, reminders, etc.

1. The quickest way to see a course Calendar is to enter your course from My Blackboard page. Then click on Announcements/Alerts link on Course Menu.

2. Under My Calendar, in default, you see a list of items with details, posted on the calendar within the next 7 days.

3. To see the entire calendar, click on More Calendar Events.

4. You then see the items posted in the current month. You may click on an Event Title to see the details of the event.

5. From the Event View, to go back to the Calendar View, click on the Calendar link on the Navigation Path at the top. It brings you back to the Day View of the Calendar page, which is the current day. To see the events in the current month, click on View Month.

5. You may use --> to go to next month or <-- to a previous month.

6. The Calendar also has a weekly view. When you click on View Week, you see the event items in the current week. In the same way, you use --> to see next week or <-- to see the previous week. Click on an Event Title, you see the details of the event. To go back to the Calendar page, click on Calendar link in Navigation Path, it brings you back to the Calendar page with Current Day.

If your professor uses Calendar for class assignments, you should browse the course Calendar and have a general idea when an assignment is due and what is the requirement of the assignment - in Event Details.

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