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Depending on your professor, an online exam could be placed in a link on the Course Menu, for example, in the link of Weekly Assignments Learning Modules. Before you take an online exam in Blackboard, be sure to close myCommNet window to avoid timeout messages. It is highly recommended that before you take an online exam, take the Sample Exam to test your computer. Most online courses have Sample Exam or practice exams for you to test your computer. If you do not see a sample exam, you will click on My Institution tab. You will see MxCC Virtual Campus course listed at My Institution page. Then click on Blackboard Sandbox link on the Course Menu. You will see a sample exam to run through to test out your computer.

In this tutorial, the exam is placed on Exams link located on Course Menu.

1. On the Course Menu, click on Exams link. You will see a list of exams.

2. When an exam is available for you to take, the exam link will be visible to students. Under the exam Title, you will see the detailed information about the exam such as how long it takes to finish and when it is available. The Begin button is for you to start the exam.

3. When you are ready to take the exam, click on the Begin button. In a timed exam, the clock starts running as soon as you click Begin, even if you log out of Blackboard or turn off your computer. So, after you have clicked on the Begin button, you need to complete your exam within its time limit or before it is due time, whichever comes first.

4. When taking an exam, click Save Answer for EVERY question you've answered. To verify the answers have been saved, click on Test/Survey Status link at the top of the exam page. The question number with an answer saved will be grayed out. When you change an answer, you will need to click Save Answer again to update your new answer. Be sure to click on Save Answer or make sure the a "Save" check mark shown for EVERY question you have answered. Do not use Save All Answers button since there have been reported problems with Save All Answers button not working.

5. After you have answered all the questions, click Save and Submit . You will be prompted to confirm the submission of the exam. If you are all set, click OK to confirm.

6. You may click on OK (bottom right) to review the test result, your grade with the answers you have saved. Most professors do not release correct answers until all students have completed an exam.

If you experience technical difficulty during taking an exam (e.g. the answers are not saved, you lost Internet connection momentarily, or the exam window is mistakenly closed), you may close the web browser (or restart your computer) and log back on to your course and repeat the above steps to take the exam again.


1. The due time shown in a test means the time you MUST complete the test, not the time you click on Begin button.

2. For a timed test, you are advised to click on Begin on or before the allowed duration prior to its due time. For instance, if a test duration is 2 hours and it is due 11:59pm, midnight of Sunday. You should log on before 9:59 pm of Sunday to allow yourself 2 hours to complete the test. If you click on Begin at 10:59 pm, you only have ONE hour to complete the test since it is due 11:59 pm, midnight.

---- Late submission of an online test may result in a penalty, which will be determined by your professor.

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