Post a Discussion Message to Start a Thread

Per your professor, discussions can be accessed either from a link on the Course Menu or a course Learning Module. In this course, there is a Discussions link on the Course Menu. Click on the Discussions link, you see a list of discussion forums. The discussion questions or instruction are shown in the Description box of a forum. You will post a message on the forum to answer the questions. Here is how to post a message and start a new thread.

1. Click on the Forum Title to enter.

2. Click on Create Thread to open the message window.

3. Enter the message subject in the Subject box.

4. Type the message in the Message box.

5. When you are ready, click on Submit. Your message will be displayed as the last message thread on the Forum page..

6. To read the message you just posted, click on the Subject of the message.

Special Note

***For an extensive discussion message such as your answer to a weekly discussion assignment, we highly recommended you draft your answer in a MS Word file and save your answer to your computer. Then you will copy the answer from the Word file to the message box. Click here for instruction.
---- Do not use Save Draft in discussion message window.

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