Read and Reply to a Discussion Message

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Depending on your professor, a Discussion Forum may be accessed from Course Menu or a course Learning Module. In this course, there is a Discussion link on Course Menu.

1. Click on Discussions link in Course Menu. You see a list of discussion forums.

2. In a forum, the number of unread messages tells you there are new messages posted on the forum. Click on the forum Title to enter. You will see the message threads with Subject, Author, and Date. In List View you see the number of unread messages and total number of messages.

3. Click on the Subject line of a thread, you see the initial message and the replied messages with subject, author, and date. To read replied messages, use -> to go to a next message.

4. To reply to the initial message, click on Reply next to the Subject line.

5. Type your message and click on Submit. Your message will be placed to the last in the list of responses to the initial message.

6. To review another message thread, you need to go to Navigation Path at the top and click on the Forum Title to go back to the Forum page. Then you will click on the Subject of another thread.

7. In default, you are able to view up to 25 message threads in one page. You may change the setting to see
more than 25 message threads. Click on Edit Paging icon at the bottom right corner. Enter a page number (e.g. 100) and click on GO.

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