Send a Mail in Messages - Internal Mail

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In Blackboard, we highly recommend students use Internal Mail, the Messages tool for private communication with your professor or fellow students.

1. Depending on how your course is set up by your professor, you may access the Internal Mail - Messages tool differently. One example is to click on Mail link in Course Menu.

2. When you are in the Messages page, click on Create Message to open a new message window.

3. To find the person to whom you would like to send the email. Click on To box. You will see the list of students and your professor in the left box. Select the person to whom you will send the message and click on the right-arrow to bring the person to the Recipients box.

4. Enter the message subject in the Subject box.

5. Type the message in the Body box. Review your message.

6. When you are ready, click on Submit.

7. To verify that your message has been sent, go to the Sent folder. When you see the message you just sent in the Sent folder, it confirms that your message has been sent successfully.

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