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Ways to access Blackboard Learn Tools, Pages, and Links

  1. In your course, you will see two parts: Course Menu (left-column) and the Main Page.

  2. Depending on how your course is set up by your professor, the Course Menu shows the basic links to various pages or tools. In this example course, you see Welcome & Preparation, Syllabus, Announcements, Course Content, Unit Assignments, Discussions, Mail, and helpful resource links.

  3. When you click on a link on the Course Menu, the Main Page shows detailed information of the link. Once you are in your course, you should explore the links on the Course Menu or Main Page to find out how your course is organized and where the tools are located.

  4. At the top of the Main Page, it shows you the navigation paths. For example, you click on Unit Assignments and then click on Unit 2 . The navigation path indicates each of the "route" leading to this page. To go back to a previously visited page, click on Unit Assignments. The navigation path gives you a flexibility to easily visit different pages in your course.

  5. To get familiar with your course organization, the best way is to explore links on the Course Menu or on a Main Page. Remember if you ever get lost, just click on a link on the Course Menu or navigation paths to go back to the pages you have visited.


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