How do I Keep my Financial Aid?

To keep your Financial Aid package, you MUST attend class AND maintain a certain level of academic progress towards the completion of a certificate or degree program of study. NOTE: These levels may be different from MxCC’s academic standards.

Known as “satisfactory academic progress,” this is an assessment of a student’s cumulative academic record at the college, which will be evaluated at the end of each enrollment period and prior to the subsequent term’s financial aid disbursement. The student must:

  • Successfully complete two-thirds (66.66%) of the credits he or she attempted
  • Maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average of either 1.50 or 2.00 (depending on number of credits taken each semester)

NOTE: MxCC does have a warning period for students in jeopardy of losing financial aid, and the College has an appeals process for unusual hardships that affected academic performance. Check with the Financial Aid Office for details.
To read the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements policy, click here.