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As a new student to the college, you are bound to have questions. New Student Orientation is your most effective first step towards getting your questions answered, and we are here to help. Whether you are taking one class or several, to earn a degree with us or transfer, or for personal enrichment or career advancement, MxCC has the resources to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

All New, Transfer ad Readmit students are expected to participate in New Student Orientation.  This fall, as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, we are reconstructing our Orientation program.  In the event we are unable to or choose not to hold our on-ground Orientation sessions, our virtual approach will provide you with all the elements as close to the human touch as possible.

If you have not yet registered for your classes, the links below will help you prepare for your registration advising session. 

If you have already registered, then please review the existing links for Orientation.  We will be posting new, short, yet comprehensive informational videos that will help orient you to the college.  

The VIRTUAL NSO and links below will provide you with extensive and detailed information.  We encourage you to review all content, thoroughly.  Take your time; there is much to digest.  You can revisit the site and watch the videos at your own pace and you will find it all very helpful in preparing you for the first day and the rest of the semester.

What is COMING:


NONE.  We want all students to be successful.  Actively engaging in the videos and NSO content is the best first step to navigating the college and its expectations of you.

Things to Review BEFORE Registering for Classes:

The college expects you to arrive ready! Reviewing the content below and doing the homework will start you off in a direction of success.

What Successful Students Do: Self – Assessment begins now

Paying For Your MxCC Education:

Use myCommnet and your college assigned email (a MUST for all students)

Considering ONLINE Classes?

Things to Review and Do AFTER You Register for Classes

Familiarize yourself with the official Student Handbook

Want to Learn the Most Effective Study and Learning Techniques?

Special Populations

New Student Orientation is hosted by the Office of Retention Services. Go to for additional useful resources and tools.

Contact Judy Mazgulski with questions at: or (860) 343-5868