COVID-19 Impacts & Accuplacer Testing

Due to the campus being closed through the spring semester, Accuplacer Testing has been suspended for the time being. Students with certain SAT, ACT, AP, GED scores, or prior college-level coursework may be exempt from taking the assessment test. Please review “Text Exemptions” below. 

As Accuplacer testing is not being held at this time, we ask that students self-report high school GPAs so that we may place you in the proper English and math courses.

Assessment Testing

Assessment testing ensures that students have adequate preparation for college-level courses. The results are used to guide students into appropriate classes at MxCC based on their current skill set. Students must have already applied to MxCC before taking the test, and tests must be taken prior to registering for classes.

Students with certain SAT, ACT, AP, GED scores, or prior college-level coursework may be exempt from taking the assessment test. Please review “Text Exemptions” below.

About the Accuplacer Assessment Test

The Accuplacer Assessment Test is a computerized test that assesses a student’s mathematics and English (reading and writing) skills. There is no time limit for taking the Accuplacer test. The entire test (both the math and English portions) typically takes between two to three hours to complete. Students can schedule to take both sections on the same day or on separate days.

Your score helps you and your advisor determine which courses are most appropriate for your current level of knowledge and skills. From the report, you and your advisor can discuss strengths and needs to determine a plan of appropriate coursework and options for improving your skill set for future learning.

If you need accommodations for testing, please contact Hilary Phelps, Disability Support Specialist, at 860-343-5879 PRIOR to scheduling to your test. No accommodations will be made without prior information and consultation with the Disability Support Specialist.

Studying for Accuplacer

Students should review sample questions and study for the assessment test. The test is only able to appropriate place students based on their skills if the student is performing to the best of their ability.

Review our list of Study Links prior to taking the assessment test. Accuplacer supplies both sample review questions and a free, study materials app through their website. We have also gathered additional mathematics study resources.

The assessment is not a pass or fail test; test results are used for proper course placement. The better you score, the more likely you are to place into college-level courses. By taking the time to fine-tune your math and English skills, you could end up saving a good deal of time and money by placing into credited courses. Your scores determine your placement, and there are no “re-tests.”

The Day of the Test

Students are encourages to study before the test, get a good night’s rest, and arrive early to the test. If you are not feeling well or cannot make it to the test, please cancel your appointment.

Please remember:

  • To bring a valid, photo ID with you to the test.
    • Valid IDs include: driver’s license, state or federal ID card, military, ID, school ID card, passport, tribal ID, naturalization card, or certificate of citizenship
  • Calculators are not allowed on the test. The test will provide an in-system calculator when needed for certain questions.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room.
  • All electronic devices such as cell phones, smart watches, calculators, personal computers and tablets, etc. will be collected prior to the start of the test.

Students will receive a placement report immediately after completing the Accuplacer Assessment Test. Once students complete the test, they should schedule an appointment or attend an Open Registration event to meet with an academic advisor to discuss courses and their future plan of study at MxCC.

Scheduling the Accuplacer Assessment Test

Students must first be admitted to MxCC and have a Banner ID Number in order to schedule a test appointment.

To schedule a new test appointment or cancel an existing appointment, click the appropriate button below.

Make an Appointment in Middletown

Make an Appointment in Meriden

Cancel an Appointment

Students will need to show a photo ID such as a driver’s license or student ID card both before and after the test. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to the test; you will not be allowed in after the start time. Please review your appointment confirmation email for the location of the placement test.

Test Exemptions

Students may be exempt from taking one or both sections of the Accuplacer Assessment Test based on SAT, ACT, GED, AP scores and/or college-level transfer credit. SAT and ACT scores must have been taken in the last four years.  Please review the SAT Scores Guideline for additional information about English and math course placement.

Students must submit official copies of the score reports and/or transcripts to the Admissions Office in order to be exempt from taking the Accuplacer test.

Exemptions Criteria




AP Test

Transfer Credit

Reading Subscore of 24.5 or higher
Reading score of 20 or higher OR English & Reading Combined score of 47 or higher
Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) with a score of 165 or higher
3 or better on AP Language & Composition or AP Literature & Composition
College-level transfer credit approved by the Admissions Office
Math score of 490 or higher
Math score of 17 or higher
Mathematical Reasoning (MR) with a score of 165 or higher
3 or better on AP Calculus, or AP Statistics
*Please see an advisor to determine if additional math courses are needed for your desired program
College-level transfer credit approved by the Admissions Office

SAT Scores Guidelines

24.5-26.5 for ENG-101E
27 or higher for ENG-101
Math490-530 for MAT-137E
540-570 for MAT-137
580 or higher for:
MAT-146, MAT-167, or MAT-173

Students with SAT math scores of 580 or higher or ACT math scores of 22 or higher are encouraged to take the math portion of Accuplacer as they may place into a higher level math course.


Accuplacer FAQ