Avoiding Timeout in Blackboard Learn

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To work in your Blackboard course as long as you wish without seeing a timeout message for myCommNet, especially when you are take an online exam that may last more than half an hour, you are recommended to log out myCommNet after you are in Blackboard.

1. After you have logged on to MyCommNet, click on Blackboard (upper-right corner) icon to enter Blackboard Learn system. As soon as you see My Institutionpage, minimize the Blackboard window and go back to myCommNet window, click on the Sign Out link to exit out myCommNet. You may close myCommNet window entirely.

2. Now you are safe to work in Blackboard without seeing a time out message. Go back to My Institution page, click on a class name to enter your class.

-------------- If you did not log out MyCommNet, here is what you might experience:

3. While working in Blackboard, you are prompted to either stay or log out MyCommNet. Click on Logout. If you have mistakenly clicked on OK to stay on MyCommNet, you may experience error messages in Blackboard. To eliminate the error messages, click on My Institution tab to go back to My Institution page. Then click on your course name to reener the course.

If you have any difficulty logging on to Blackboard Learn, go to Not able to Log on page for more information.


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