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    1. You log on to your Blackboard Learn course site (online or on-ground) via myCommNet.

    2. Open a web browser (ex. Internet Explorer) by double-clicking the browser icon on your desktop. Go to the address box and type my.commnet.edu. Press Enter key.

    3. Enter your NetID and password. For students, the NetID is BannerID@student.commnet.edu. For example, if your Banner ID is @00879080, your NetID is 00879080@student.commnet.edu. If you do not know your Banner ID, you may find out by clicking Forgot NetID Lookup link. If you do not know your Banner ID, you may locate your NetID by clicking on NetID link. At the NetID Lookup page, enter your personal information, Last Name, Birth Date, and Last 4 - Digit of your Social Security Number. You will then be able to locate your NetID.

      The password is the same password when you logon to a campus computer at any 12 Connecticut community colleges. If you have never logged on to a campus computer or MyCommNet, use your initial password. To find out how the initial password is composed, click on Need your initial password link.

    4. Click on the Login button.

    5. When you have successfully logged on to myCommNet, click on the Blackboard icon at upper right. You will enter My Institution page. To access Blackboard successfully, you need to make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled. Within ONE week before a semester starts, you will see a list of classes in which you are enrolled. Click here for more information on common problems involved in accessing Blackboard Learn via myCommNet.

    6. Click on a class Name to enter the class site. - SEVEN days before the first day of a class, you are able to enter the class site.

    7. To enter to another class, click on the My Institution link (upper right). Click on the Title of the course you want to get in next.

If you have difficulty logging on to Blackboard, go to Not able to Log on page for more information.

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