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Need to know how to log on to myCommNet to access your Blackboard course? Click here.

1. I am not able to use Discussions, Mail, Quiz, Chat, or other features. How do I fix this problem?

a. You may need to install the JAVA plug-in (or download the correct version of the JAVA plug-in). When you are in "My Institution" page, click on "Supprt and Training" and select "Browser Checker" to perform a complete browser compatibility check. If the browser check results indicate that you need the JAVA plug-in, go to Distance Learning Download Center and download the compatible JAVA plug-in. After downloading the plug-in, you must install it on your computer. Log on to Blackboard again, when you are prompted with a JAVA security certificate, click on OK to enable JAVA.

b. Pop-up blockers on your computer may also cause problems when using some Blackboard features, such as Discussions, Mail, Tests, Assignments, and etc. You must turn the blocker off. If pop-up blockers are added to your browser and you are not able to turn them off, you must un-install them. To have control over turning on or off a pop-up blocker, you may consider using the Mozilla Firefox browser with the pop-up blocker off to access your Blackboard course. Click here for instructions on how to download and set up Mozilla Firefox.

2. Where do I get help if I still have technical problems with Blackboard ?
a. Go to the Technical Support Center. Call  (860) 723-0221 or submit a ticket (in Contact Us link at the bottom right corner) for help.

b. Should the technical problem persist, report this to the MxCC Distance Learning department using one of the following methods:
Call (860) 343-5756.
Email to
Stop by the Distance Learning offices in Chapman 702/703, Middletown Campus Office hours: M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

3. How do I use the Discussion Board?
Click the following links for text and multimedia* based instruction.

4. How do I use Blackboard Internal Mail?
Click the following links for text and multimedia* based instruction.

5. Can I check spelling in Email or Discussion messages?
Yes. When you are in the Create Message window in Messages - Internal Mail or Create Thread in Discussions, make sure Text Editor is On. Highlight the text and clickon the spell checking iconspellchecker .

6. How do I see announcements or assignments posted on the Calendar?
Click here for text and multimedia* based instruction.

7. How do I view and print a file in Syllabus or Learning Module?
Click the following links for text and multimedia* based instruction.

8. How do I take an online exam, quiz, or test?
Go to the Assessments tool. Click here to see how to take an online exam, quiz, or test.

9. Can I view the exam results and correct answers?
Your instructor needs to grade the exam and turn on the exam results before you can view your grades and the correct answers. Click here for instructions on viewing exam results.

10. How do I submit an assignment in Assignments tool?
The Assignments tool in Blackboard acts like an electronic "drop box". Click here for instructions on submitting an assignment.

11. How do I view assignment grades and comments?
After your instructor has graded your assignment, you can view the grades and comments. Click here for instructions on viewing assignment grades and comments.

12. How do I chat?
Click the following links for text and multimedia* based instruction.

13. I am interested in taking an online class at Middlesex Community College. How should I start?
Visit MxCC Distance Learning at Click on "How to Register" at the upper left panel.

* You need to turn off the pop-up blockers and use Flash Plug-In to view a multimedia based tutorial
. Visit Blackboard Multimedia Tutorials for more text and multimedia based instructions on Blackboard basic features.

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