Clinton Teacher

Alina GonzalezAlina Gonzalez, MxCC 1998

“I struggled in high school in Meriden. Things didn’t start clicking for me until it was too late. I decided I needed to start anew. When I started Middlesex, it was like a breath of fresh air. I was able to receive extra support to help me in my writing. Teachers were available to talk, and I met students who were also excited to learn. We met to help each other with our homework. When I admitted that I had not really thought about what I wanted to become in the future, a tutor suggested I take a personality test. Three of the top five results had something to do with teaching, and I eventually realized that teaching was a passion of mine!” said Alina Gonzalez, a 1998 graduate.

Following Middlesex, Alina transferred to the University of Hartford, where she earned a degree in secondary education in 2001. Now a resident of Branford, Alina has taught at Jared Eliot Middle School in Clinton.