Welcome to the Academic Success Center

Location: Chapman Hall, Library Learning Commons
Hours: MIDDLETOWN Monday-Thursday  9-5, Friday  9-1, Saturdays 10-4 on 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 Closed 09/02, 11/27, 11/28, 11/29
MxCC@PLATT ASC Monday 4-8, Tuesday 3-8, Wednesday 3:30-8; Thursday 5-8
Tutoring hours vary by subject.
Phone: 860-343-5770
About: The Academic Success Center is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Middlesex Community College by providing academic support to the college’s enrolled students. From placement testing through individualized and group tutoring, we help students work toward their potential in a welcoming and encouraging environment where learning is the priority, personal growth and development are nurtured, and long-term success is supported.

Mission Statement

The Academic Success Center is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Middlesex Community College by providing academic support to the college’s enrolled students. From placement testing through individualized and group tutoring, we help students work toward their potential in a welcoming and encouraging environment where learning is the priority, personal growth and development are nurtured, and long-term success is supported.  Our goal is to help students become confident and competent independent learners. The New York Times Roundtable is held in the Academic Success Center during the school year.

  • John G and York

  • Ailis and Linda

  • Quenisha and Christian

  • The Academic Success Center is very proud and delighted for our peer tutor, Dante Petruzziello, who has been accepted at Yale University. His goal is to study Neuroscience or Molecular Biology.

  • tutors around table with food

    Student Saima Kousar serves Pakistani food to tutors to show her appreciation for their help this semester.

  • Roundtable group celebrating with cake.

    The New York Times Roundtable Group celebrated the end of our sixth year with cake!

  • Carlos Lovos contest winner

    Carlos Lovos is the winner of the Count the Jelly Bean contest. Front desk associate Quenisha Williams presents him with his prize of chocolate bunnies and of course, jelly beans!

  • Math Tutor Kam Cheng and her children visit Yankee Stadium. Kam is also an embedded tutor in Professor Krevisky’s Statistics class.

  • Learning Commons 2019

  • Learning Commons 2019

    Learning Commons group building exercises

  • Learning Commons 2019

  • Learning Commons 2019

  • group studying in Academic Success Center

  • group studying together

  • group in Academic Success

  • grand opening ASC

  • students studying at table

  • students studying in group

  • students working together at computer

  • groups of students studying


Remember, all tutoring is FREE of charge!

The Academic Success Center offers tutoring to MxCC students, free of charge throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Fall 2019 Tutoring Schedule

Here are some guidelines that will ensure you have a positive tutoring experience—please familiarize yourself with them before receiving tutoring:

What We Will Do:

  • Provide you with assistance outside of the classroom to build a better understanding of the subject matter and develop study skills.
  • Help you understand the concepts/techniques needed to become a self-sufficient learner.
  • Model study strategies to make you a stronger learner in all content areas.
  • Clarify specific problems that you come in with.
  • Build your confidence so that you can approach future class work with certainty.
  • Offer one-on-one or group tutoring sessions as long as tutors are available.
  • Encourage you to work independently once strategies/techniques have been explained.
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect during the tutoring process.
  • Ask you to fill out a brief survey at the end of the semester to provide us with feedback on our services so that we can continue to improve.

What We Will NOT Do:

  • Tutors will not do your homework for you or provide test or quiz answers.
  • Tutors will not "fix" or edit your papers, but we will help you learn how to find and correct your own mistakes so that you become a better writer.
  • Tolerate behavior that is counterproductive to the tutoring process and/or distracting to others in the Academic Success Center.
  • Be able to help you if you arrive completely unprepared or unwilling to do your own work.
  • Always be able to offer individual tutoring sessions (especially in math and chemistry).

What YOU Will Need To Do:

  • Check the schedule to find a time that works for you.
  • Sign in and out whenever you visit the Academic Success Center so that we can track student usage.
  • Bring your class syllabus, class notes, class texts, and specific assignment.
  • Arrive with specific questions.
  • Do as much work as you can in advance. This means you MUST at least attempt assignments before you come in seeking help.
  • Be willing to work independently after a tutor has gone over a concept with you.
  • Understand that often one tutor is circulating among a handful of students.  Be courteous and patient!
  • Remember that no one (even our highly qualified tutors) knows everything. Tutors may need to review the materials themselves. Please be patient with them.
  • Report any problems regarding our tutors or services immediately to a front desk associate.
  • Finally, please DO NOT wait until the last minute for tutoring! Start coming for help early in the semester and DO NOT wait until the assignment is due. We cannot emphasize that enough.

Tutor Spotlight

  • Genise-and-Gun-Violence

    Genise Rodriguez, MxCC@Platt peer tutor, gives a public health presentation on Reducing Gun Violence in April 2019.  Genise has been an English peer tutor since Fall 2017.  She is graduating in May 2019 with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services and will attend the University of CT School of Social Work in the Fall. Her tutees consider her an outstanding role model and will miss her tremendously, but are thrilled that she will pursue a career in helping people.  Genise is originally from Texas, and her hobby is bargain shopping.

  • Kam Cheng

    Kam Cheng joined the ASC staff in September 2018.  She tutors all levels of Math, focusing on Statistics, College Algebra, and Calculus.  She is a certified Math teacher in the state of Connecticut and taught high school Math until she had her children.  She is a full-time Mom when she is not at the ASC helping students like Gary Lambert, Rick Siena, and Destini Kennedy (pictured). Kam is also an embedded tutor in Professor Krevisky’s Statistics class.  Kam “is always cheerful and patient beyond belief,” according to one of her students, which makes her a perfect fit for our department!

  • Ritu and Gary in ASC

    Ritu Mehra has worked in both Middletown and Meriden as both an EA Supplemental Instructor and Math Tutor since 2013.  She will graduate from CCSU in December 2019 with a degree in Computer Science.  When I asked her about her hobbies and interests, she replied, “I’m passionate about leisure.”  Ritu is very devoted to her students, spending extra hours in the ASC to make sure they understand the concepts.  Gary Lambert, one of her devoted tutees, fondly says, “Math is the problem and Ritu is the answer!”

  • Judy Walsh

    Judy Walsh was a high school English teacher for 28 years and the English Department Chairperson for 21 of those years.  After retiring from Tolland High School, she worked for three years as an editor for a Javits curriculum grant.  Judy has a B.A. in English from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in English from Trinity College. She volunteered to tutor at the ASC  because she misses the classroom and enjoys helping students.  She is active in the Middletown community, believes in simple and sustainable living, and enjoys biking, knitting, sketching and walking with her husband and their black lab/sheltie rescue dog.

  • Keith Fuller loves donating 15 hours per week as a psychology and history tutor. He spent 40 years as a counselor, educator, and non-profit administrator. Although he lives in Middletown, he often travels to Florida to help with the family business. He is writing a book and a blog on the theological and psychological dynamics of psychology. He holds a BA from Westfield State University and MA from Gordon Conwell Seminary in Massachusetts. He recently served as a liaison for brain injured students with the Kennedy Center in Trumbull, helping students matriculate and succeed in college. Keith enjoys acting (often dressing as literary and historical characters), sketching, fencing, archery, skit, walking the beach, sailing, flying, song-poetry, classic cars, and book collecting. He has several nieces and nephews and a tuxedo kitty Marymo. We consider him a true Renaissance man!

  • Christian Office ManagerChristian Manuel is the Office Manager at the Academic Success Center.  He has been working for the ASC since Fall 2016, including summers.  He always wears a smile and has contributed his computer and leadership skills to our operation. He was promoted from Front Desk Associate to Office Manager last Fall.  He has also been the president of The New York Times Roundtable Group. Christian will earn his Associate’s Degree in General Studies in May.  He plans to transfer to Southern CT State University to attain a degree in Public Health with a career as a Biostatistician.


If you have excelled in any of your courses and are interested in working as a peer tutor, please contact us to see if there is a need and to possibly arrange an interview.


Remember, ultimately you are responsible for what you learn--take advantage of all opportunities!

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