Fulbright Scholar

fulbrightA former Middletown resident now living in Indiana, Jeffrey Turco studied at Middlesex Community College from 1989–1991. Since 2010, he is an associate professor at Purdue University (German, Comparative Literature and Medieval Studies). He first found his love of learning at Middlesex.

After earning a B.A. from Connecticut College in 1995, Jeff received a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2009. He is also the recipient of two Fulbright Fellowships (Germany and Iceland).

“I’ve often looked in vain for teachers as good as the ones I had at Middlesex: Tom Melbert (Shakespeare), Bill Nagle, and the late Dick Srb. I became a German professor because of Tom Melbert’s class on Goethe’s Faust, which still sets the standard I try to live up to as a teacher. Middlesex is the academic affiliation of which I am most proud,” said Jeff.