Clancy found his way into MxCC and the Center for New Media while in his second year at Three Rivers Community College. His original plan was to earn his Associates Degree at TRCC and then transfer to the UCONN School of Business, with hopes of eventually becoming a successful accountant. It didn’t take Clancy too long to realize that the path he was on was definitely not the right one for him. After a heart to heart conversation with a good friend, who told him about MxCC and the audio production courses they offered, Clancy quickly changed his plan. He dropped a couple classes at Three Rivers and began re-planning his course of study as an Audio/Music Production major at MxCC. 

Not only was MxCC affordable in comparison to other colleges that offer this program, but attending the Center for New Media also furthered Clancy’s education in more ways than one. “The audio and music program looked really cool and fun when I first read about them and sure enough, they exceeded my expectations” Clancy shared. He has learned so much more than he thought he would within the last six months of attending MxCC, and he is now whole-heartedly looking forward to his future career in music production.

Clancy feels he learned the most from his music production teacher, Aaron Moynihan. Aaron teaches the Electronic Music, Principles of Recording, and Audio Mixing classes which Clancy has taken. He added, “Aaron has changed my entire perspective on life and provided me the knowledge and confidence to guide and advance my career in the right direction.” Clancy has acquired the hands-on skills to use the studio and the control room, to produce his own live recording sessions, and to mix and engineer those recordings while keeping a solid workflow.  “Honestly, Aaron is creating the path to my success, and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has taught me and the extra time he has spent with me. He has taken me to where I am today and will continue to help me move forward. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Clancy is grateful to have attended a school like MxCC and the Center for New Media. His teachers, John Shafer and Aaron Moynihan, have given him the latest techniques and fundamentals to start him in the right direction. Clancy has now found what he truly wants to do with his life, and he said this about his decision to attend MxCC… “Seriously, it’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Presently, Clancy works for Wide World of Indoor Sports – a multi-sport, indoor turf facility in Montville, CT. He is taking one last course at MxCC this summer to finish up his Associates Degree.  Clancy will be attending Berklee College of Music’s Online School in the fall with the hope of later attending Berklee College of Music’s Boston campus for in-person learning.  Aaron’s support and guidance has helped with this progression in his educational career.

When Clancy is not in the studio, he enjoys the outdoors and staying active by playing disc golf with friends, hiking, or working out.  Clancy also enjoys playing poker and listening to music.

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