Emily has always been interested in art and storytelling. When she was young, she created picture books by drawing the characters and writing the stories. As she got older, she found an interest in graphic arts designing T-shirts and filming and editing videos for Valley TV basketball and volleyball teams in high school.

After graduating high school, Emily wanted to learn more about media production and decided to take a tour at Middlesex Community College. That was when she discovered the Center for New Media. She felt right at home with the facility’s state-of-the-art studio. Emily also knew MxCC was affordable and conveniently located, making it easy to attend.

After Emily enrolled at MxCC, she realized how media is everywhere, and how important it is to know all aspects of media such as audio, camera, graphics, and lights. She expressed her creativity in as many forms as possible in a professional manner. She learned the necessary skills using the latest technology and camera equipment available at MxCC.

In the Careers in Media course, many media professionals spoke to her class about their careers. Here are several key points that she took away from them:

1. Always go for an opportunity because you don’t know where it will lead you.
2. Keep in contact with media connections, be yourself, and learn from your mistakes.
3. In the media world, you will always be collaborating so be adaptable and willing to learn because mass media is constantly changing.

Every obstacle Emily endured had significantly made a difference in her video production skills. “You can write the best stories that come from a personal place and real life”—this inspired Emily to incorporate and use life obstacles or challenges to create an impactful story that could help others.

Since the beginning, Emily has enjoyed learning from all of her professors because of their different and unique backgrounds. She feels it is crucial to know all options in the media world. Her favorite class project so far was in the Film Production class with Dan Nocera, where she got to work on a student’s original short film, “True Intentions.” Emily worked with a great group helping film the project, collaborating with Wesleyan University student actors.

She is in the honor roll and looks forward to taking graphic art classes in the future. After she graduates with an associate degree in Digital Media Production with a concentration in Film and Video, Emily plans to pursue a job position in either a news station as a broadcast journalist, a writer or editor for a television series, start a web/social media channel, or establish a media production company.

When Emily is not at work or school, she enjoys taking photos of her family and pets, drawing, watching movies and TV for inspiration, and hanging out with her friends. Emily meets and films local musicians for the show “Shoreline Music Monthly” as a volunteer at the Valley Shoreline Community TV in Westbrook, CT.

Check out her portfolio here: https://www.eminermedia.com/