Right after graduating high school, Kyon was looking to gain more knowledge about how to get his name into the film industry, as well as improve his technical skills in scriptwriting, directing, and cinematography. Kyon did not feel he was prepared to go to a four-year university, so his mom suggested attending MxCC for two years since it was affordable, and he could get a good glimpse into what the college experience would be like.

With the direction of his advisor John Shafer, he took courses that were beneficial to his curriculum and his skill set. After attending his first few classes, Kyon has learned how to be a more decisive director, a strong camera operator, and how to perform effectively in a newsroom atmosphere (similar to the WFSB-Channel 3 production studio), working with his classmates.

Kyon’s passion has brought him a lot of fulfillment as a high honors student, as well as take part in the 2019 Arts & Media Festival which screened a few of his Advance Media Production class projects in front of a large live audience. He’s looking forward to taking Scriptwriting and Digital Arts, and he is planning to graduate in the Spring 2020 with a degree in Digital Media Production in Film & Video.

Currently, Kyon is employed at a rehab center and also as a student worker for the Center for New Media assisting students and faculty. In his spare time, he enjoys writing original TV shows and films, creating comedy sketches, and video editing for his YouTube channel. Kyon is a musician and has been producing music since he was 16 years old. He intends to release some material in the near future.

Although Kyon has been fortunate not having encountered major obstacles so far at MxCC, there have been a few instances where his class group would have to improvise last minute when things did not go according to plan during filming on location. However, he will say that his experience has helped him achieve most of his goals because of the connections and resources that the college has provided.

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