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With MxCC’s Accelerated Program (MAP) you can get your Associates Degree in just 13 months!  MAP connects you with outstanding faculty and rigorous coursework. Even better, its unbeatable price makes it the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete your Associate Degree in General Studies, Criminal Justice,  Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and Criminology.  Whether you’re looking to transfer to a 4 year school or get the degree you need, let MxCC put you on the MAP!

Instead of enrolling in traditional 15 week semesters, MAP students complete their coursework in 5-week mini-semesters.  This means a more intense learning environment that moves you more quickly toward your degree.  Even better, MAP courses are 95% online, putting you in charge of your school schedule.

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In the MAP program you will:

  • Work with professors who are experts in online teaching.
  • Work closely with an MxCC mentor who will help you navigate college and the rigors of an accelerated degree.
  • Have access to a designated MAP librarian.
  • Complete your degree in just 13 months!
  • Learn in online communities of like-minded students.
  • Be connected to a local  campus. 


Students who have placed into ENG 101 and MAT 137 are eligible for the program.  The program is ideal for students who are looking to take only two courses at a time, but who also understand that those courses move 3 times faster than traditional college courses.  If you work hard and you’re ready for college, MAP may just be the program for you!

The program is currently accepting students in General Studies, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Business Studies, and Liberal Arts.


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Want more info before deciding if you’re ready for an accelerated degree program?  Find out more about MAP by contacting:

Rebecca Rist-Brown

Associate Professor & Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice & Criminology Studies
Phone: 860-343-5849
Office Location: Snow Hall, Room 508
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Susan Lugli

Associate Professor, Business; Program Coordinator, Business Administration and Marketing Business Administration/Marketing
Phone: 860-343-5840
Office Location: Wheaton 313
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Fall 2019 MAP Courses

All MAP courses are online unless indicated otherwise.


ACC*113 Principles of Financial Accounting
ART*100 Art Appreciation
CJS*101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJS*294 Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
ENG*101 Composition
HIM*215 Clinical Coding PPE I
POL*120 Introduction to Law
PSY*111 General Psychology I
CJS*285 / SCI*285 Forensic Science with Lab (Hybrid)
SOC*240 Criminology


ACC*117 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BIO*110 Principles of the Human Body
BMG*210 Organizational Behavior
CJS*102 Introduction to Corrections
CJS*213 Evidence and Criminal Procedures
ENG*102 Literature and Composition
HIM*216 Clinical Coding PPE II
HIS*101 Western Civilization I
MAT*137 Intermediate Algebra
POL*111 American Government


BBG*234 Legal Environment of Business
BMG*202 Principles of Management
CJS*105 Law Enforcement
CJS*211 Criminal Law I
COM*173 Public Speaking
CSC*101 Introduction to Computers
HIM*217 Clinical Coding PPE III
HIM*290 Certification Exam Preparation
MAT*167 Principles of Statistics
PHL*101 Introduction to Philosophy
SOC*101 Principles of Sociology

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