Middlesex Community College Foundation Announces Scholarship Awards

May 17, 2022 (Middletown, Conn.) — The Middlesex Community College Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony took place in person on Friday, May 16, 2022. Seventy-five students received $77,750 in awards through 88 total scholarships. The Foundation has also raised $107,600 total for future endowed and annual scholarships.

“We recognize extraordinary members of our college community who are receiving scholarships, as well as celebrate the generosity of donors who give so that others may experience a high-quality and affordable education,” said Christopher Dibble, chair of the Middlesex Community College Foundation board of directors, during his remarks. “The Foundation is an independent nonprofit with the mission to support the academic activities of Middlesex Community College. We work alongside leadership, faculty and student representatives to understand the needs of the school, identify gaps in funding, and fill those gaps by working with philanthropic donors, community partners and alumni.”

Kim Hogan and Kaitlin HallKaitlin Hall (photo), a criminology studies major from Killingworth, received the Elizabeth R. Wagner Scholarship, a new award established for a non-traditional student with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who is pursuing a law enforcement career. The recipient also must be a Connecticut resident and U.S. citizen.

“Receiving this scholarship means the world to me, because it shows that even people outside of my family have high hopes for me and trust I will do my best to succeed,” said Hall, who plans to graduate in spring 2023. “Being recognized for my dedication to criminology is all I could ask for, and I am beyond appreciative.”

The Foundation also created two other new awards: the Miguel Jurado Memorial Scholarship and the Middlesex Health Scholarship.

Kim Hogan and Alexander PinonMiguel Jurado Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Middlesex business student Miguel Jurado, who passed away on November 12, 2021. Alexander Pinon (photo), a business administration major, earned the award. The recipient must be a returning full- or part-time student enrolled in accounting or business administration with a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and a Meriden resident showing financial need.

The Middlesex Health Scholarship was awarded to Fatoumata Gakou, a health information management student. The recipient must be a returning second-year student enrolled in the radiologic technology program with a GPA of 2.7 of higher, and who demonstrates determination, hard work, initiative and commitment to be successful.

Kimberly Hogan, interim campus CEO, hosted the ceremony that was conducted in Chapman Hall.

Members of the scholarship committee carefully followed the criteria for each award as they chose the recipients listed below. For a list of all the award descriptions, please visit the MxCC Foundation website.

Altrusa International of Central Connecticut Scholarship
Juan Torres, Human Services

Alumni Endowed Scholarship
Elisha Borenski, Radiologic Technology

Amy Loved Animals Memorial Scholarship
Dawn Miller, Veterinary Technology

Rowland & Ruth Beaulieu Business Administration Scholarship
Matthew Borelli, Business Administration
Redi Zypce, Business Administration

Rowland & Ruth Beaulieu Manufacturing & Machine Technology Scholarship
Bethany Crum, Manufacturing and Machine Technology

Boris Burack Endowed Scholarship
Mirelys Aponte, Accounting

Beaulieu Endowed Scholarship
Hailey Nemeth, Business Studies

Patrick Campbell Memorial Scholarship
Mariangelis Bruno, General Studies
Amy Fontanella, Biology Studies
Alyssa Landry, Human Services

Kim Hogan and Dawn MillerDave Champion Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Dawn Miller, Veterinary Technology

Robert A. Chapman Endowed Scholarship
Olivia Merlini, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Alyse Pellegren, Psychology Studies

Hugh & Judith Cox Scholarship
Lindsey Woodruff, Radiologic Technology

Deans’ Endowed Scholarship
Alexis Clark, General Studies

Eames Family Endowed Scholarship
Caleb Hester, Audio & Music Production
Danielle Minicucci, Art Studies

Eriksen Family Scholarship
Julie Orenstein, Digital Media Production

Follett Bookstore Scholarship
Destiny Culp, Biology Studies

Founders Endowed Scholarship
Artur Stamenkovic, Sociology Studies

Edie Fuld Endowed Scholarship
Catherine Griffin, Human Services

Gandhi Annual Scholarship
Muhammad Ali, Computer Science Studies

Gandhi Endowed Scholarship
Michelle Hargreaves, Early Childhood Education

Gene Haas Foundation Scholarship
Daniel Polanco, Engineering Science

Ken & Carolyn Innocenzi, Sandy Fernandez, Amy Fontanella, Kim HoganCarolyn & Ken Innocenzi Meriden Administrator Scholarship
Sandy Fernandez, General Studies
Amy Fontanella, Biology Studies

Insalco Scholarship
Zakary Robichaud, Business Studies

Paul L. Jones Foundation Scholarship
Brittany Brown, Radiologic Technology
Alyssa Desiderio, Radiologic Technology
Erica Guasp, Radiologic Technology
Marissa Hansen, Radiologic Technology
Lucas Marra, Radiologic Technology
Sharlene Martel-Lucero, Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing
Kayla Molis, Radiologic Technology
Xhoana Pajo, Radiologic Technology
Danielle Perrelli, Radiologic Technology
Amanda Ruszczyk, Radiologic Technology
Vivian Tran, Radiologic Technology

Miguel Jurado Memorial Scholarship
Alexander Pinon, Business Administration

Nihla and Bob Lapidus Foundation Scholarship
Andy Benoit, Radiologic Technology
Christina Paternostro, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kirstan Ruderman, Radiologic Technology

Herbert Levine, MD, Endowed Scholarship
Maia Carpentino, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberty Bank Foundation Scholarship
Gracie Hopwood, Radiologic Technology

Dean Adrienne Maslin Scholarship
Julia Noriega, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Lisa Massita Scholarship
Olivia Merlini, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Mayor’s Scholarship for Middletown
Jordan Brookes, Social Work Studies

MxCC Faculty Annual Scholarship
Maia Carpentino, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Julia Noriega, Liberal Arts & Sciences

MxCC Faculty Endowed Scholarship
Alyse Pellegren, Psychology Studies

MxCC Foundation Scholarship
Grayson Resor, History Studies

Middlesex Health Scholarship
Fatoumata Gakou, Health Information Management

Middlesex United Way Women’s Initiative Scholarship
Brianna Fromosky, Health Information Management

Kim Hogan and Tina Muniz-JonesMILE Scholarship
Tina Muniz-Jones, Veterinary Technology

Dean Richard Muniz Family Annual Scholarship
Katherine Tocto, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dean Richard Muniz Endowed Scholarship
Lady Navarro, Physics Studies

Stephanie Nelson Memorial Scholarship
Julie Orenstein, Digital Media Production

Peach Pit Foundation Scholarship
Chloe Boucher, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Veronica Himes, Psychology Studies
Sabrina Rodriguez, Radiologic Technology

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship
Danielle Minicucci, Art Studies

Kim Hogan and Matthew BorelliRecord-Journal Foundation Scholarship
Matthew Borelli, Business Administration
Will Mason, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Katherine Paddock, General Studies

Raymond S. Robinson Endowed Scholarship
Ryan Castelluzzo, Radiologic Technology
Beverly Goff, General Studies
Daisy Gonzalez, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anna Marie Jimenez, Liberal Arts & Sciences
Kaoutar Tayoubi-Elidrissi, Social Work

Rotary Club of Middletown Scholarship
Destiny Culp, Biology Studies

Jesse J. Salafia Nursing Scholarship
Katherine Paddock, General Studies

Martha DePecol Sanner Endowed Scholarship
Katherine Paschalides, Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing
Jing Yang, Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing

Susan M. Smart Memorial Scholarship
Maya Marozzi, Early Childhood Education

STEM Scholarship
Jaleena Jacob, Biology Studies

STRIVE Scholarship
Ruth-Ann Bucknor, Liberal Arts & Sciences Degree
Catherine Griffin, Human Services
Will Mason, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Lady Navarro, Physics Studies
Cedric Onema, Computer Information Technology
Hermayonie Perez, Criminology Studies

Town Fair Tire Scholarship
Emma Burgess, General Studies

Elizabeth R. Wagner Family Scholarship
Kaitlin Hall, Criminology Studies

Judith and Robert Walsh Scholarship

Rufaida Khan, Psychology Studies

Philip and Amy Wheaton Endowed Scholarship
Madison Anderson, Criminology Studies
Soukaina Boulabat, General Studies
Shauntazia Davenport, Business Administration

About the Middlesex Community College Foundation
The purpose of the Middlesex Community College Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Connecticut, is twofold: to support the college and its students by receiving, managing, and distributing funds for scholarships and other educational purposes, and to generate and strengthen communication and collaboration between the college and the foundation and business, industry, professional, civic and educational leaders in the communities served by the college—all of Middlesex County, Meriden and Wallingford in New Haven County, and Rocky Hill in Hartford County.

About Middlesex Community College
Connecticut’s 12 community colleges are merging into a singly accredited institution called CT State Community College. The merger will combine and strengthen resources and support equitable student success across the state while maintaining campus communities and access. To learn more about the merger, visit www.ct.edu/merger.

Since 1966, Middlesex Community College has provided high-quality, affordable and accessible education to a diverse population, enhancing the strengths of individuals through degree, certificate and lifelong learning programs that lead to university transfer, employment, and an enriched awareness of our shared responsibilities as global citizens. A part of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system, Middlesex offers more than 70 degree or certificate programs at the 35-acre campus in Middletown, the Meriden Center at Platt High School and online.