Q&A: Transfer to CCSU Made Simple

Allison Audet, assistant director of undergraduate advising at Central Connecticut State University, answers questions about how to streamline the transfer process to CCSU. Allison joined the CT State Middlesex campus earlier this year with an office located in Founders Hall, room 127.

What is your office and why is it at CT State Middlesex?
The CCSU Office on the Middlesex campus came about as a collaboration between CCSU and CT State Middlesex to facilitate the transfer process for students interested in earning their bachelor’s degree at CCSU. The goal of having a CCSU academic advisor available to work with full-time across multiple semesters is to bring familiarity between advisor and student, and bring a level of comfort to the student, which should help allay any fears and anxiety they may have about the process.

What services do you provide Middlesex students?
I provide pre-transfer advising to Middlesex students. This includes pre-transfer credit evaluations that help guide how Middlesex/CT State courses they have taken may transfer and how they may apply to our degree programs. I also answer questions about the transfer process, application submission dates/guidelines, next steps, etc. If I am unable to answer a question, I provide referrals to the appropriate department(s) as well.

When should a student come to you for advising?
Student can come to me anytime during their community college journey. Some come for pre-advising the semester they’re completing their studies at Middlesex, while others seek pre-advising as soon as they begin their studies. For students who are still a few semesters away from earning their associate’s degrees, I can help guide their future course selections, in conjunction with their guided pathways advisors, to help them make the most efficient choices.

Describe a typical request that comes to your office.
Actually, I work with ALL prospective transfer students to CCSU, not just students transferring from Middlesex. Most students ask me to complete a pre-transfer credit evaluation, which I mentioned above. This is a service not all schools provide. Many schools require students to confirm (by paying a non-refundable confirmation deposit) prior to providing this information. We at CCSU believe providing this information prior to confirming allows students to make a more informed decision to attend, which is invaluable, I think.

What is involved in the transfer process?
The transfer process is fairly simple. The first step is to submit the application materials, which include the online application, of course, the application fee, and submission of official transcripts to the CCSU Office of Admissions. Once a student has been admitted and decides to attend CCSU, they need to pay the confirmation deposit and schedule a transfer advising meeting with the academic advisor who works with their intended major. It is at this meeting the student will learn more about the requirements of their major, applicable policies and procedures at CCSU, and will receive a list of course recommendations from the Chair or program coordinator of their major department. After this meeting, students should have all the resources they need to register for classes.

What is your role at Central?
I am an assistant director of undergraduate advising and now work almost exclusively with prospective transfer students. Prior to taking on this role almost one year ago, I was the academic advisor for natural science and Mathematics majors, and prior to that I worked with freshmen and transfer students in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Where is your office location at Middlesex and what are the hours?
The CCSU Office is in Founders Hall, room 127. I am generally in the office Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m.–4 p.m., although meetings on our campus in New Britain sometimes take me away from my office. I am also available virtually Monday through Friday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. I am always happy to take walk-ins, so students are welcome to stop in when the door is open.

December 2023