Pegasus Gallery


Friday May 18th, 6-9 pm

The Annual Arts and Media Festival showcases projects produced by MxCC students. Student video, film and new media projects will be screened in the multipurpose rooms on the upper level of Chapman Hall.  Mini-performances and student art works will be displayed in the Jean Burr Smith Library, Pegasus Gallery and the Niche. This festival shares the most accomplished examples of student skill, ingenuity and creative diversity with our campus and community.



March 26th—May 4th, 2018

Opening Reception on Monday, April 2nd, 11am –1pm in Pegasus Gallery.

“Broken Barriers” (20.5″x 16″ Folded O-Gami Abaca Paper, 2017)

“Broken Barriers” (20.5″x 16″ Folded O-Gami Abaca Paper, 2017), detail

Ben Parker’s folded paper works are grounded in geometric origami practice and formal abstraction.  His approach transcends the expected limitations of single sheet manipulation through tessellating explorations of depth, light, shadow, material and seemingly infinite figure ground relationships. The animate sculptural presence embodied by Parker’s wall and frame mounted works is the result of physical compression, visual tension and implied energy.  The linear creases produced by folding operates here like drawn lines, applied to define objects and describing spaces that are pushed and pulled from within the base plane.  Parker’s expansive personal interest in origami is motived by this processes ability to address “questions that flow through fundamental branches of human study such as mathematics, physics, pedagogy, art, and meditation.”

Parker has participated in paper folding events and exhibitions nationally and internationally in Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Spain. See more of his work at:  This exhibition and workshop is supported by Middlesex Community College Foundation’s New Day Fund.



The Pegasus Gallery is located in the Jean Burr Smith Library on the first floor of Chapman Hall.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.