The purpose of the MxCC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in Connecticut is twofold:
  • To support the College and its students by receiving, managing, and distributing funds for scholarships and other educational purposes, and
  • To generate and strengthen communication and collaboration between the College and the Foundation and business, industry, professional, civic, and educational leaders in the communities served by the College – all of Middlesex County, Meriden and Wallingford in New Haven County, and Rocky Hill in Hartford County.

Removing financial obstacles that bar or inhibit student access to education is the Foundation’s driving force. Scholarships address not only the growing need for financial assistance, but also the perennial wish to celebrate achievement.

In line with the College’s Strategic Plan, the Foundation’s charge is to develop external resources that contribute to support student and academic programs and efforts that foster student success.

Community colleges are an invention of American democracy. They embody the country’s spirit and belief in equality, optimism, and freedom. Yet state support for Middlesex is now just 39 percent of our operating budget, down from 64.5 percent just a few short years ago. We must make up the difference through private fundraising to maintain the level of excellence that defines an MxCC education.

The MxCC Financial Aid Office reports that in 2011 about half of our students applied for financial aid, that 84 percent of those who applied received aid, and that 69 percent of those students receiving aid were awarded Pell Grants (awarded to the neediest). To attend college without financial assistance, these students must work or face the burden of huge student loans. This is why your support is needed now more than ever.

Financial assistance is critical for so many MxCC students as they work toward their educational and career goals. Each year the Foundation raises and awards approximately $40,000 in scholarships to entering and returning MxCC students. The Foundation and its scholarship recipients have many generous individuals, civic organizations, alumni, businesses, faculty, and student organizations to thank for this support. Donors establish scholarships to honor the memory and achievements of family, faculty, or friends; to express appreciation for their educational experiences at MxCC; or because they believe in the importance of individuals having access to the quality education offered at the College.

In addition, the Foundation organizes the annual Red Moon Fest, the MxCC Classic golf tournament and the $cholarship 5K Road Race and Community Day to support scholarships and college programs.