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Would you like the opportunity to learn the skills to gain a position on a motion picture or television set?  In Connecticut’s growing media industry, Production Assistants are one of the most sought-after positions in this exciting field. This course will train Production Assistants to work on the set as a Set Production Assistant and in the production offices as an Office Production Assistant.  Skills you’ll learn include terminology, production organization and personnel, set etiquette and operations, radio communications, production office procedures, and understanding the various production forms including call sheets and production reports. You will participate in mock training exercises. In addition, you will learn job search and interview techniques that will make your resume desirable to producers and production managers.   Production Assistants need to be passionate about film and television production. Prerequisite course requirements include High school diploma, basic computer skills, good oral and written communication skills, and demonstrated knowledge of production through either a class or other formalized training.  Prerequisites. High School diploma, proficiency in basic computer skills, good oral and written communication skills. A recommended prerequisite (but not required) that the applicant has received and can demonstrate some formal training in production such as a class, industry certificate, etc.

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This course is currently full.  We are no longer accepting applications. 

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“During the past month I have had a great experience with boot camp and found the program both insightful and invigorating. Professor Greg White provided valuable information and personal advice during each session and I really feel like I gained a lot from the program. Based on my experience with boot camp as well as the developments being made to the department it is clear to me that you and your team have built an incredible opportunity for aspiring filmmakers in Connecticut and as a native that makes me even more proud to have been apart of it.  Thank you again and in name of paying it forward I will be sure to suggest it to anyone I hear having this passion and looking for an outlet here in CT going forward.” — Shawn P., PA Training Program 2014 graduate