FREE! Transitional Strategies Packages

This program is offered in collaboration with Meriden, Middletown, and Wallingford Adult Education centers. Eligible students can enroll in three courses for free to jumpstart their college careers and get them on the road to success. Classes included in the package are College Success, English Fast-Track, and Math Fast-Track. For more information, please contact Donna Bontatibus at

Eligible students:

  • Students who place in one or more developmental ENG or MAT courses.
  • Students who need to retake one or more developmental math and/or English courses.
  • Students who are eligible for Fast-Track workshops (refer to Accuplacer Results Sheet).

No course charge for package. Cost savings!

If you are on financial aid, please check with the financial aid office to ensure that you are meeting your requirements if you are taking other MxCC courses.

Upon English and math workshop completion, students will retake the Accuplacer to see if they can move up to College Level or College Level with Embedded Support. An Accuplacer pretest is required to be on file.

English Fast-Track Workshop

These free non-credit English workshops are designed to improve your reading and writing skills, and allow you the chance to move up to a higher-level English course!

You are eligible if you are a student who…

  • Did not place into a college-level English course (ENG 101E or ENG 101)
  • Did not do well in ENG*096 and need to repeat the course

This class requires:

  • Accuplacer scores on file before class begins
  • At least 75% attendance
  • Dedication to the work in and outside of the classroom

Students who attend regularly and complete the work will be given the opportunity to retake the Accuplacer test at the end of the workshop.

Fall 2019 Courses

Register by consulting your Academic Advisor OR Visiting the Advising Center, Founders Hall 131

Math Fast-Track Workshop

This free 10-day Math Fast-Track Workshop (non-credit) could help you raise your math course placement. Topics covered range from Arithmetic to Elementary Algebra.

You are eligible if you are a student who:

  • Did not place into a college-level math course (MAT*137E or above)
  • Did not do well in MAT*085/MAT*095-Intensive and need to repeat the course.

This course is structured as a combination of lectures and individual/group work of skill-based practice sets. Dedication outside of the classroom is also required in order to achieve maximum results.

Students who attend regularly will be given the opportunity to re-take the Accuplacer placement test at the end of the workshop. Our goal is to enable you to begin your sequence of required math courses for your academic program at a higher level, reduce the use of financial aid for remedial courses and graduate in a timely manner.

Fall 2019 Courses

Register by  consulting with an Academic Advisor or visiting the Advising Center Room 131, Founders Hall

College Success

This course is designed to introduce new students to the college and its resources; to help them adopt skills necessary for college success; and to help new students feel connected to the college, its faculty and staff, and their fellow students. Special emphasis will be placed on career exploration for the purpose of helping students develop academic and career goals and encouraging them to enroll in career and technical education programs.