Business Partnership Training

business meeting at conference tableThe MxCC Business Partnership Program offers customized training to both private and public employers.  Our team of skilled instructors will work with you to design workshops and classes specific to the needs of you and your employees.  Common topics include Building Effective Working Relationships with Teams, Time Management to Boost Productivity, and Customer Service.

If you are seeking to leverage the latest technology to promote your business and update your website, our expert faculty from MxCC’s Center for New Media is here to help. In a few short hours, you can learn the latest techniques in social media, online video, and infographics.

For more information, please contact Diane Bordonaro at 860.343.5716 or

video training

Contact Diane Bordonaro at 860.343.5716 or for more information.

Future Trainings:

Producing Video for Social Media:

This 6 hour course will teach the fundamentals of producing recorded and live videos for social media including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This course will cover camera operation and composition, basic video editing, graphics, formatting for each social media platform and distributing videos.  Date: TBD

Create Compelling Infographics with Zero Experience:

In this workshop, you will learn what infographics are and how to use infographics effectively in businesses. You will also have hands-on opportunities to use free online tools to create infographics that you can use in your next presentation, your annual reports, your social media campaign, or anywhere you want.

Date: TBD