Judith de Graffenried


Judith DeGraffenried

Professor & Program Coordinator, Coordinator of Fine Arts/Graphic Arts
Phone: 860-343-5871
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Office Location: Snow 407
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Judith de Graffenried is a Professor of Fine Arts and Program Coordinator for the Department of Fine & Graphic Arts. She earned her BA and MAT degrees in German from the University of South Carolina, and her MFA degree in painting from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York.  Upon completing her graduate studies she received a German Academic Exchange Grant to study at the Art Academy of Munich for two semesters. She also studied Painting at Queens College of the City University of New York and Indiana University.

Philosophically Judith believes the study of art helps develop creative, innovative thinking skills for people in all fields of life.  Because the study of art involves the integrated use of all facets of the human sensibility – the rational, analytical, sensory, emotional, and spiritual – all people can benefit.

In her classes Judith stresses the benefit of learning life’s many lessons such as discipline and constant practice through the development of highly visible, concrete works of art. Through this dynamic process of creation students also learn self-reliance, independence and the necessity of trusting one’s own instincts while coping with ambiguity and failure.

In her own award-winning paintings –  cityscapes, gardenscapes, still lifes and figurative studies – Judith deals with the metaphorical use of space and geometry. In all these works an established sense of space is juxtaposed against an underlying geometric grid or pattern creating a construct into which the viewer can project his or her own interpretations. In her figurative studies Judith addresses the inherent design principles found in artistic anatomy as well as the universal energy forms animating these subjects. Recently Judith has been combining her practices in meditation with studies in fluid water based media. The resulting channeled imagery is developed further in Photoshop or simply left as it emerged on the paper. The spiritual is revealed thus through the physical.

For 18 years before assuming her position at MxCC, Judith worked as a commercial artist providing illustrations for advertisements, textbooks, corporate brochures, and other promotional materials. Her client list includes Miller Brewing Company, John Deere, NBC, HBO Cable Network, Paramount, Showtime Cable Network, A&E Cable Network, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

As a fine artist she has exhibited her work in more than 50 national juried exhibitions. Awards from these national competitions include:

Best in Show for “American Landscapes” at the Maryland Federation of Art, Best in Show for the “Celebration of the Arts National Juried Exhibition” at the Montpelier Center for the Arts, and Strathmore Award for Excellence. She is a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society.

Judith’s artwork can be seen on her website: https://jdegraffenried.wixsite.com/mysite

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