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Victor A. Triay

Professor, History
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“I’m here to teach.”


That is the simple mission of Victor Triay, PhD, professor of history at CT State Middlesex—where he puts history in (dramatic) perspective for the many students who enter his classroom. Victor began his long and distinguished career at Miami-Dade Community College in Florida, where he earned an associate degree in psychology—so it’s fitting he chose to build his career from within the community college environment.

He has developed a high-energy, motivated teaching style that aims to make students “walk out of the classroom feeling smarter than when they walked in.” He takes each subject seriously, but understands the need for theater and intrigue when delivering content that can sometimes be heavy. This helped earn him a reputation as a challenging but engaging instructor.

While Victor’s teaching focuses on United States History, Western Civilization, and World History, he has earned a broader reputation as an expert in Cuban history. His parents left Cuba after the rise of Fidel Castro, so the subject is personal to him—and has inspired him to devote his time and talents towards researching, writing and lecturing on the topic. His publications include:

Fleeing Castro: Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children’s Program (book), University Press of Florida, September 1998.
Bay of Pigs: An Oral History of Brigade 2506 (book), March 2001, University Press of Florida.
La Partia Nos Espera (book), Random House, 2003 (Spanish translation of Bay of Pigs).
The Cuban Revolution: Years of Promise (book), 2005, University Press of Florida.
The Unbroken Circle (Historical Fiction Series):
Book 1: The Struggle Begins (book), July 2013.
Book 2: Freedom Betrayed (book), January 2014
Book 3: On Freedom’s Shores (book), November 2014
The Mariel Boatlift: A Cuban-American Journey (book) 2019, University of Florida Press.
“The Lawyer’s Story,” short story published as part of the anthology, New to North America: Writings by Immigrants, their Children, and Grandchildren, Burning Bush Publications, January, 1998.
“ABCs (American-born Cuban) in South Florida Suburbia,” essay published as part of the anthology, ReMembering Cuba, University of Texas Press; edited by Andrea Herrera, 2001.

Additionally, he has been interviewed for and/or appeared in various magazines, newspapers, documentaries, news programs, television shows, and radio programs on Cuba-related topics, including:

Christian Science Monitor
TV Martí
CNN Español (radio)
CSpan2 (Book TV)
National Public Radio
Connecticut Public Radio
Florida Public Radio
Public Radio International
Radio Martí
Radio Mambí
Radio France International
Fox News “War Stories with Oliver North”
Miami Herald
El Nuevo Herald
Chronicle of Higher Education
Hartford Courant
Middletown Press
Oye Magazine
Hispanic Outlook Magazine
Covering Cuba 2 (documentary)
Variety of Independent Filmmakers

Victor has traveled extensively throughout Western Europe. He studied Spanish Literature and Spanish Art History in Salamanca, Spain, and Italian Language and Italian Art History in Radda-in-Chianti, Italy.

In the summers of 2016 and 2017, he served as the principal investigator for an oral history project centered on members of Brigade 2506 (the invasion force at the Bay of Pigs invasion), whose objective it was to overthrow the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. He completed this task as a visiting scholar with the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University.

Victor is a member of several associations including Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc., based in Miami (for which he serves as trustee and a member of its historic committee); the Cuban National Heritage; and the National Association of Cuban American Educators.

At Middlesex, Victor contributes on many levels, having served on countless committees and task force teams that help shape the culture and academic quality at the college. He has worked on MxCC’s accreditation efforts, helped developed honors programs, and served as a mentor in the Minority Fellow program. He has been a tireless lecturer and presenter, representing the school at countless events and meetings throughout the country.

Victor earned a doctorate and master’s degree (both in history) from Florida State University, Tallahassee, and his bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Florida in Gainesville. Prior to joining Middlesex, he taught at the Miami Carol City Senior High School and Aucilla Christian Academy, both in Florida.

He believes everyone should challenge themselves throughout life—himself included. He is also highly challenged each day with his wife and three children. He frequently travels to Florida for research and family visits.