Broadcast Communications Certificate

Credit Certificate Program

This certificate program is comprised of 30 credits from the courses listed below. This program is for those students who have earned a degree in another area of study or are working in the field and looking to obtain additional course work in communications as well as professional certification. Each student’s program must be approved by the Broadcast Communications program coordinator.

The Broadcast Communications Certificate is ideal for adult learners who already have a degree and who want to broaden their education and skills in the field of Broadcast Communications, or for people already working in the field who want to learn new skills, who are out of work, or are interested in changing careers.

The Broadcast Communications Certificate is a 30 credit program. A student who attends full time and has to take no remedial courses may graduate in two semesters (one year). Part time students may take longer depending on course load. The student should be aware that at least one internship is required within the program.