Broadcast Communications Certificate

The Broadcast Communications Certificate is ideal for adult learners who already have a degree and who want to broaden their education and skills in the field of Broadcast Communications, or for people already working in the field who want to learn new skills, who are out of work, or are interested in changing careers.

The Broadcast Communications Certificate is a 30 credit program. A student who attends full time and has to take no remedial courses may graduate in two semesters (one year). Part time students may take longer depending on course load. The student should be aware that at least one internship is required within the program.

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This certificate is comprised of 30 credits. Advisors work closely with students to design the perfect blend of course work and practical experience to meet students’ career goals. Courses include photography, new media production, radio and television production – and much more!

Certificate Requirements

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The jobs students can get with the Broadcast Communications Certificate include opportunities in television, television production, news, entertainment TV, film production, advertising, and corporate media.

Most graduates holding associate degrees will be seeking entry-level positions, which pay about $25,000 per year, depending on several factors. Pay increases with the employee’s level of education and experience. Often students find employment after graduation through their student internship experiences.

National Average Salaries for the year 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Film & Video Editor – $54,040

Camera Operator – $59,040

Producer and Director – $70,950

Reporter, Correspondent, and Broadcast news Analyst – $38,870

Announcer – $30,830

Sound Technician – $42,550

Video Technician – $59,040

The overall job outlook in this field is favorable, although competition is strong for positions at all levels. For the latest, detailed salary information, visit:


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