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Middlesex Community College has always embraced community-engaged learning, and the Center for Civic Engagement helps us organize and promote these efforts. The Center, located in Snow Hall Room 520, is an exceptional resource for faculty and staff to incorporate the community into their curriculum and projects, for students to research independent projects, and for the community to connect with the College to address needs.

What is Civic Engagement?

Civic engagement gives students a competitive edge when entering the workforce, and has been cited as a major reason people succeed in school and in life.

Our greater community holds countless learning opportunities for every student – and helps build civic bonds. By connecting with local, national, and global organizations and partners, we are able to identify many new and unique learning environments (outside of the classroom) where students can complete projects and fulfill course and program objectives. This form of applied learning expands students’ experiences, builds connections between students and the community, and helps organizations meet real needs.

STUDENTS: Ask your professor how you can include community-engaged learning and civic engagement into your studies.

FACULTY: We offer support and resources to faculty and staff, and help train faculty on how to include community-engaged learning and assessment into their curriculum. In addition, the Center provides “tool kits” and references to encourage a greater level of civic engagement.

Developing Students’ Civic Responsibility

web-fooddriveThe Center for Civic Engagement works across all disciplines at MxCC from marketing to business administration, environmental science to computer technology, human services to healthcare – and everything in between.

Additionally, the Center for Civic Engagement supports (and/or sponsors) all civic-focused activities on campus such as:

  • Voter registration drives
  • The week-long “Connecticut Makes a Difference” volunteer effort
  • Opportunities for campus forums on critical social justice issues
  • Campus speakers and events
  • The monthly “Courageous Conversations” events which are opportunities for the college community to gather and discuss pertinent issues of the day

Mission Statement

The Center for Civic Engagement supports the mission of Middlesex Community College as a force for positive social change. By expanding opportunities for community-based learning and the exchange of ideas on critical social justice issues, the Center strengthens mutually beneficial relationships between faculty, staff, students and partners in our local, national and global communities. Guided by democratic principles, the Center for Civic Engagement encourages everyone to be active citizens and to work together for the common good.


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