Dr. Lin Lin

Interim Division Director: School of Allied Health, Business, and STEM
Phone: 860-343-5763
Office Location: Wheaton 209
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Dr. Lin is an award-winning engineer, researcher, author – and instructor of computers and programming at MxCC.  She began her career as a research assistant at the University of Connecticut, working on original research and algorithm development on multiple-sensor multiple-target tracking.  She was honored with the Dissertation Fellowship Award during her time at UConn.

From there she worked at the United Technologies Research Center as a senior engineer and scientist helping design and develop leading-edge projects such as the Next Generation Digital Video, as well as proposals to create a “Virtual Attendant” for Otis Elevator. She received the Outstanding Achievement Award for her work at the Research Center.

She is the co-author of six U.S. / international patents (submitted by UTRC): “Nuisance Alarm Filter,” “Automatic Video Quality Monitoring for Surveillance Cameras,” “Method and Device for Consistent Region of Interest,” “System and Method for Video Processing Algorithm Improvement,” “Video Aided System for Elevator Control,” and “Video Content Analysis”

Dr. Lin’s writing and research has appeared in professional and technical publications on subjects such as rapid aim identification for surface-to-air missiles, tracking move-stop-move targets, and 3-D tracking.  She earned her Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut, and her master’s in electrical engineering, communications, telemetry and tele-control from the Research Institute in China.

In a different sort of classroom, Dr. Lin was a singing instructor for children at Connecticut Chinese Culture Center Pilot Program, and served as engineering mentor of Connecticut Girls of Innovation Team for FIRST Robotics Competitions.  She also has given speeches and written articles on nutrition and health, and has taught computer and programming courses at Manchester Community College.

Off campus, Dr. Lin greatly enjoys reading, cooking, and time outdoors.



  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut


Courses taught at Middlesex Community College

  • CSC* 101 Introduction to Computers
  • CSC* 105 Programming Logic
  • CSC* 205 Visual Basic I
  • CSA*135 Spreadsheet Applications
  • CSC*220 Object-oriented Programming Using Java


Courses taught at Manchester Community College

  • CSC* 215 Object-Oriented Programming with C++
  • CSC* 226 Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  • CSC* 241 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • EGR*111 Introduction to Engineering