Solar Update

As of April 2016, our college has been accepted into Eversource’s ZREC program. The system office is currently finalizing the terms and conditions of the power purchase and license agreements to be signed with Green Bank before Sunlight Solar Energy can begin to install our grid. The grid will be 100’ x 150’ adjacent to the lower parking lot. It will produce approximately 135,000 kwh on average, resulting in an approximate $9,000 in energy cost savings in year one.

MxCC student members of Phi Theta Kappa created a first-class film about solar energy entitled The Cresting Point; it can be viewed here.


Specific short-term goals identified in MxCC’s Climate Action Plan, 2015-2016:

Action Measurement Achievability Status
Keep updated benchmarking of every building Track electricity, heating, and water usage through college’s energy bills throughout the fiscal year AN  Done.
Installation of time clocks on vending machines Reduction in electricity  AN Done in Founders.
Turn off computers when not in use Energy Dashboard  AN  Done.
Installation of occupancy sensors Energy Dashboard AN Done (everywhere it is feasible)
Develop an Energy Dashboard to create occupant awareness of building performance data Tracking electricity, water, heating  AII Done 12/15 – currently includes electricity and water – add heat?
Install a solar PV system Energy Dashboard will track PV system’s energy production  AN RFP closes end of Jan. 2016
Upgrade insulation levels to R-38 Reduced AC levels AII On a replacement schedule – Pavillion has it.
Purchase Energy Star/EPEAT+ appliances/computers/products when available. Appliances/products are energy star. AN  Done.
Look into what Terrapass** can do for our institution. Research and implementation of recommended changes, if appropriate. AN

* Achievable now (AN), achievable with additional resources (AAR), achievable through policy changes (APC), achievable through institutional investment (AII)