Transitional Year Program

Taking Developmental Classes?

Join the Transitional Year Program This Fall!
MxCC’s Transitional Year Program is now accepting students who have placed into English 096.

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Terence McNulty

Professor, English
Phone: 860-343-5889
Email: Indicates Email address
Office Location: Snow 520
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In this program, you will:

  • Deepen Your Learning
  • Take courses that feature overlapping lessons and content
  • Get 1 to 1 support from tutors and a faculty mentor
  • Connect with an advisor and have your own registration session
  • Develop your study skills
  • Connect with a community of students committed to success

typfall2013Special Incentives Include:

  • A free flash drive for each student
  • A free dictionary for each student
  • A free calculator for each student
  • A free student planner for each student
  • Community events and gatherings
  • And more!


IMG_1053Fall Semester

  • ENG 096 (6 Credits): Introduction to College English
  • FS 100 (TYP) – Freshman Seminar
  • CSC 101 (TYP) – Introduction to Computers

Spring Semester

  • ENG 101  (TYP) – Composition
  • SCI 103 — Recent Discoveries in Science I (TYP)
  • MAT 075, 095 or 137 — Math
  • Directed Elective:  Choose from HSE 101, HLT 103, BBG 135, COM 130, or PSY 111


Research Guides

Middletown (Fall)
Middletown (Spring)

Meriden (Fall)
Meriden (Spring)