SNAP Employment & Training



SNAP E & T  Information Sessions

Middletown at MxCC  –  August 2, 2018 at

10 AM & 5:30 PM  – SNOW HALL 415

Meriden Public Library  – August 6, 2018

at  5:30 PM – Marion Cook Room

No registration needed

MxCC Continuing Ed web site will have class info in late July on

 What is SNAP Employment + Training?

Great opportunity for adult SNAP clients to get career training and employment skills.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), known before as food stamps, helps low income individuals and families buy food to stay healthy.

The Employment and Training (E & T) Program prepares clients for work by offering a scholarship program with career training, mentoring, and support services. This approach helps students/clients learn professional skills followed by work opportunities paying good wages.

The MxCC SNAP program currently offers only the following non-credit courses and vary by semester. Check the MxCC Continuing Ed online course listing for schedules each semester.

Required Career Skills Classes

Students  in this program will also be REQUIRED to take  career skills classes  to receive certification in their professional course area. Attendance at classes is mandatory.

Carer topics are 1) Resume writing 2)Interview Skills 3) Basic computer skills in MS Office/email and 4) professional workplace expectations and etiquette. The classes are on various days during the semester.

Overview of 2018 career and workplace skills for the employment market.

2018 Workplace skills handout

Skills – Knowledge –  Ability Criteria – Job Candidate       Interview

What do I need to know and do ?

  • Receive SNAP at registration and whole course.
  • No TANF (cash assistance).
  • Have a GED or high school diploma.
  • You must maintain and daily check an email address – it is how the college communicates.
  • Be fully able to work at end of certificate program.
  • Do not enroll in programs you cannot be legally employed in – many employment fields will not accept a felony record or failed drug screen. We do criminal background checks when you apply to the program.
  • Students with a HOLD in the CT college system cannot register for SNAP Training.  **This means you owe money, do not have immunizations up to date, or have missing documents.
  • Must pass basic college level placement testing in Math and English after you fill out an application. Testing Info at
  • ***Exempt from testing if  passed college level classes in these subjects. Bring a copy of the transcript.
  • If basic Math and English skills are rusty – encouraged you contact your city’s adult education program to improve your levels. MxCC also offers free classes with Fast Track Math and English (2 weeks long). Info is  on the MxCC web site about these classes under the ACADEMICS section.
  • Placement testing information document Placement testing directions

Needed for the application

MxCC verifies SNAP client eligibility. Students must provide:

  • Completed four page application
  • Picture ID (license or state ID)
  • EBT card or benefit letter
  • Social Security card
  • Schedule interview with Program Coordinator

Program Information

Info sheet on SNAP Ed & Training

Summer 2018 SNAP Info Power Point



Download the SNAP E & T application

(Fill in, save and scan/email  to coordinator by email)

For more information, contact:

 Patrice Barrett MPH

MxCC SNAP Employment and Training coordinator

 USDA Nondiscrimination-Statement