Specific short-term goals identified in MxCC’s Climate Action Plan, 2015-2016:

Action Measurement Achievability Status
Provide a publicly available inventory of courses relating to sustainability and the environment Advising guide for courses relating to sustainability made available to advisors and directly to students AN
Investigate creating a Center for Sustainability to coordinate academic, community, and operational sustainability initiatives Center established with new director hired or designated  AAR, AII
Increase the number of courses with integrated sustainability content. # of courses with integrated sustainability content  AAR
Increase number of students enrolling in courses with sustainability content # of students enrolled in identified sustainability courses.  AN
Provide professional development to faculty wanting to incorporate sustainability-related activities and components in courses across disciplines # of faculty engaging in sustainability-related professional development activities; # of activities and modules developed and implemented  AAR
Consider “energy internships” where students would complete energy benchmark analyses and make recommendations for improvements. Establishment of student energy internships AN
Utilize the campus and buildings as a living laboratory and classroom for science and other courses across disciplines # of courses with activities utilizing the campus and/or its buildings in activities or projects AN  Campus used for outdoor activities in EVS*100, GLG*120, BIO*122 and BIO*173
Create a “Green Teaching” Certificate to recognize faculty who engage in course-greening activities, including reducing paper, saving energy, and encouraging student engagement. Certificate guidelines created and publicized; # of faculty certified AAR
Create new courses, certificates, and programs as needed for workforce development and to ensure student engagement with emerging issues New courses, certificates, programs created AAR, AII
Ensure that environmental and sustainability-related courses are offered consistently at all MxCC campus locations. # of courses offered at each campus. AN, AAR  EVS*100 has been offered at Meriden in the past but offerings have been limited by low enrollment.
Investigate options for energy efficient transportation for students between Middletown and Meriden campuses, including grant and state funding. Energy-efficient transportation established for students traveling between campuses. AAR  Funding for transportation between the two campuses is being discussed with the BOR.

* Achievable now (AN), achievable with additional resources (AAR), achievable through policy changes (APC), achievable through institutional investment (AII)