Specific short-term goals identified in MxCC’s Climate Action Plan, 2015-2016:

Action Measurement Achievability Status
Student Demographic Profile Banner Student Data Files AN
Faculty/Staff Demographic Profile Banner Student Data Files  AN
Student Transportation Survey Online Transportation Survey  AN
Faculty/Staff Transportation Survey Online Transportation Survey  AN
Estimate GHG emissions based on student VMT VMT** Algorithm AAR
Estimate GHG emissions based on staff VMT VMT Algorithm AAR
Develop methods to accurately record emissions from college-owned transportation sources Periodic evaluation & measurement of college vehicle fleet use AAR
Encourage use of low energy, fuel efficient (LEFE) vehicles by faculty, staff and students, including motorcycles, electric vehicles (EV) and hybrids To be included in climate action presentations & workshops AN
Introduce and expand the use of alternative fuels in University fleet vehicles and provide adequate filling and charging infrastructure Introduction of alternative fuels in fleet vehicles AII
Provide preferred parking incentives, EV charging stations and other incentives to students Provision and use of parking incentives, charging stations, and other incentives AII
Work with the local Transit Authority on developing cost-effective commuter options and bus route alternatives Alternative commuter and bus routes established AAR
Develop a University telecommuting policy and support its implementation Policy development and change in telecommuting habits APC
Examine curricular scheduling to optimize program offering times to reduce student VMT Revised curriculum AN
Make purchasing carbon offsets part of the travel authorization (‘TA’) process when employees travel. Make part of the TA form. AN

* Achievable now (AN), achievable with additional resources (AAR), achievable through policy changes (APC), achievable through institutional investment (AII)