Transfer Programs for Middlesex Students

With proper planning, CT State Middlesex students are able to transfer credits to most public and private colleges and universities both in and out of Connecticut. Because requirements of four-year institutions vary, students planning to transfer should confer with their academic advisor early in their academic career to ensure proper course selection. Students can also take advantage of the Transfer Fair held each fall, as well as individual transfer visits from college representatives.

Middlesex has transfer articulation agreements with public and private colleges and universities including the University of Connecticut and the Connecticut State University system. These agreements provide students with specific course equivalencies as well as program to program transfer options. Information about course selection and program planning for transfer to these colleges is available in on the Transfer Planning website.

Transfer Opportunities: University of Connecticut
The University of Connecticut (UConn) offers a variety of transfer opportunities for Middlesex students. Students may transfer to the main campus in Storrs or, depending on college major, to the branch campuses located throughout the state. The links and files on the Transfer Planning web site will help you as you prepare for successful transfer to UConn. The programs below are some of the transfer opportunities for Middlesex students interested in transferring to UConn.

Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)
The Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP) is an agreement between the CT State Community College and the University of Connecticut, designed for transfer students who enroll in a liberal arts transfer program at CT State. Students who plan to continue their studies to earn a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources or Business are guaranteed admission to the University of Connecticut once the associate degree has been earned, appropriate courses have been completed, and minimum grades and requirements for the selected program have been achieved. Advisors from individual community colleges and UConn meet with Guaranteed Admission Program students throughout their community college careers, helping their eventual transition to the university. Students wishing to enroll in the Guaranteed Admission Program must be matriculated in the Liberal Arts transfer program at one of the Connecticut community colleges. To participate in this program, students must apply before they have accrued more than 30 transferable credits. All interested Middlesex students should contact the Career Development and Counseling Center, Founders Hall, Room 121, 860-343-5826 for further information and assistance in selecting courses that will meet both community college and UConn degree requirements. Website:

Business and Technology Transfer Pathway Program
This program is for students who wish to pursue the Business and Technology (BSBT) baccalaureate degree at UConn. Automatic admission to the BSBT major is guaranteed for Middlesex students who complete their associate degree in business while meeting specific grade and course requirements. Students interested in this program should contact Middlesex Business Division or their Guided Pathways advisor early in their academic career. The BSBT degree is offered only at UConn’s regional campuses in West Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury and Torrington. Students who wish to obtain a business degree from UConn at the Storrs campus should meet with their advisor or a counselor to choose appropriate transfer courses. Website:

Engineering Science Pathway Program
This program allows community college students to follow a specific course of study leading to an associate degree, preparing for the ultimate goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at the University of Connecticut. Contact Dr. Lin Lin, 860-343-5763, for further information.


Transfer Opportunities: Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU)

The Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU) system provide affordable, accessible educational opportunities for Connecticut students. With campuses across the state and online, including CT State Community College and state universities, CSCU institutions offer degree and certificate programs in a range of disciplines and fields to help prepare and train the state’s future workforce. Website:

CSCU has established various transfer agreements for students attending CT State Community College and the state universities. Specific information regarding the transfer of courses and programs is available on the Transfer Planning website. Students who plan to transfer should consult with a counselor on campus or their academic advisor early in their academic career to make the best possible transition to their selected four-year college. The programs below are just some of the transfer opportunities for Middlesex students interested in transferring within the CSCU system.

Dual Admission/Transfer Compact Agreement
The Transfer Compact agreement within CSCU is available to Connecticut Community College students who have completed (received grades from) fewer than 15 college credits and who plan to transfer to a four-year CSCU college or university after they have completed an associate degree. Students are guaranteed admission to their designated CSCU institution upon completion of the associate degree with a 2.0 grade point average. In addition, Middlesex students are advised by both schools throughout their associate degree program. Students interested in enrolling in the Transfer Compact must meet with a campus counselor. For more information visit

Degree Completion and Guaranteed Admission
CT State Community College students who receive an associate degree with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher are guaranteed admission to one of the four year universities in the CSCU system. Students will be admitted as juniors, but must still satisfy the university’s general education and major requirements. The Dual Admission/Transfer Compact (above) is a special program for students who declare their major and college before they have earned 15 or fewer college credits. The compact has some specific benefits, including advising by four year university staff. Though both are transfer agreements, the Transfer Compact does not change this admissions agreement within the CSCU system.

Transfer before Degree Completion
Students with a 2.0 or higher grade point average who do not intend to earn a degree from Middlesex may still transfer to a four year CSCU institution as long as they meet specific transfer requirements. Visit the Middlesex Transfer Admission webpage and click on your intended transfer institution for details.

Technology Studies Pathway Program
The Technological Studies Pathways program allows students to complete an associate in science in Technology Studies at Middlesex, and continue on to complete a four-year degree in the School of Engineering and Technology at Central Connecticut State University.