Academic Standing

Developmental Courses

When the instructor of a developmental course (e.g., ENG*096, MAT*085, MAT*095) wishes to indicate that a student has made progress but has not completed all the needed developmental work, the instructor may issue an “M” (Maintaining Progress) for the course. Please note that remedial/developmental courses do not count towards degree requirements.


Official transcripts of grades will be mailed to students or directly to educational institutions or prospective employers by arrangement with the Records Office.

Academic Probation and Dismissal

Satisfactory completion of 50 percent of the courses attempted will be the minimum standard for good standing. Students who have completed 11 or fewer credits, and whoseCumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) falls below 1.5, will be given a written warning. Students who have completed between 12 and 30 credits inclusive whose CGPA falls below 1.7, and those who have completed 31 or more credits whose CGPA falls below 2.0, will be given a written notice that they are placed on academic probation.

Students placed on academic probation will be required to take a reduced course load for one semester.

Students who, after being placed on academic probation for one semester and after taking a reduced course load, fail to attain the required CGPA as shown above, will be notified in writing that they are suspended for one semester.

After the period of suspension, students may be reinstated, either as regular or probationary students, upon application to the College.

Satisfactory Academic Performance Policy (SAP) for Veterans Benefits

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regulations require that all students receiving VA educational benefits meet the College’s satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standard and the College’s academic standing policy as stated in the college catalog. Students failing to make SAP will have their VA educational benefits discontinued in accordance with the institution’s policy on this page. Students who are suspended (dismissed)* for failing to meet the college’s academic standing policy will be reported to the VA. Students may appeal their academic suspension (dismissal)* in accordance with the policy above. Should the appeal be successful, the student’s enrollment will be reported retroactively to VA for the enrollment period to which the appeal applies.


Students should indicate their intention to graduate by filling out the appropriate form in the Records Office no later than April 15 of the academic year in which they intend to graduate. To be eligible,students must have:

  • Successfully completed an entire curriculum pattern, including the total credits for the pattern
  • Earned a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or better
  • Earned a minimum of 15 semester hours at MxCC
  • Met the “L” course and “D” course requirements. Note that transfer students entering with 30 or more credits are exempt from “L” and “D” course requirements.
  • Satisfied all financial obligations to the College

Academic Prizes

The following prizes are awarded at the Annual Awards Program in May:

Middlesex Community College Foundation Student Senator Prize*

Established to honor a member of the Student Senate who has demonstrated outstanding service to the College and its students.

Jesse J. Salafia Prize
Established by Mr. Jesse J. Salafia, a member of the original College AdvisoryCouncil, and awarded to a student planning a career in nursing.

Shapiro Prize*
Established by the Shapiro family of Middletown and awarded for excellence in marketing.

Wilbert and Jeanette Snow Prize*
Established to honor Governor Wilbert Snow, one of the founding fathers of theCollege, and his wife Jeanette. Awarded for exemplary competence and high potential in business.

Thirteen additional prizes in various academic areas also are awarded by theMiddlesex Community College Foundation, Inc.

* These prizes are administered through the Middlesex Community College Foundation, Inc.