Elena Sanchez

elena_sanchezElena Sanchez is a multimedia graduate at Middlesex Community College. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico, raised in Chula Vista, CA, and has been living in Connecticut for the past fifteen years.

Elena came to MxCC to update her technical skills. She had taken time off from her graphic design career to start a family and was ready to go back to work. But her design skills needed to be updated to be employable again. So she qualified for the state’s Workforce Investment Act grant through CTWorks to go back to school.

Choosing to get a multimedia degree was easy for Elena. She has a graphic design background, but she wanted to expand her skills and take it to another level to learn animation, special effects, video editing and producing.

At MxCC, Elena always looked forward to her next class. She felt that her professors were extremely knowledgeable and were always lending their expertise to help her complete projects. She also found that if the curriculum became too challenging, her professors always took the time outside of class to work with her one-on-one to answer any questions.

One of her favorite things about MxCC is that she was able to utilize the latest software and hardware technology. She believes this provided her the confidence and edge that is needed in this economy.

Currently, Elena works part-time as a graphic specialist for a local manufacturer. She also is an educational assistant for the Center for New Media here at MxCC. In addition, she is continuing her education to get her Master’s degree in Communications.

When she’s not at work or at school, Elena enjoys visiting her family in California, doing volunteer work, and honing her media production skills. Elena hopes to work for a media or production agency. In the future, she would love to branch out and start her own production company.

Check out Elena’s work here