Center for New Media Interactive Funding Wall

Fund the Future

In an effort to support the ever-evolving programs, projects and technologies of the Middlesex New Media Center a Funding Production Team is being created. Financial supporters of the Middlesex New Media Center will be awarded production team credit on the interactive multi-screen Supporter Wall located at the entrance of the New Media Center. The Supporter Wall will be composed of multiple LCD screens displaying the names and titles of the funding production team members. Your generosity will fund student scholarships and programs that will make an impact for years to come.

Funding Levels

greenpixel Executive Producer $1,000
greenpixel Producer $500.00
greenpixel Director $250.00
greenpixel Special Effects $100.00

Higher Level Support Funding

greenpixel Studio Executive
greenpixel Silver $5,000+
greenpixel Gold $10,000.00 +
greenpixel Platinum $25,000.00 +

Individuals wishing to become Studio Executives meet with the President of Middlesex Community College to determine recognition options.

How To Give

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Funding Production Team, contact Rick Eriksen or contact the Middlesex Community College Foundation at 860-343-5789.