Center for New Media Funding

Fund the Future

In an effort to support the ever-evolving programs, projects and technologies of the Middlesex New Media Center a Funding Production Team is being created. Financial supporters of the Middlesex New Media Center will be awarded credit as a contributor at the Center for New Media. As a supporter, your generosity will fund student scholarships and programs that will make an impact for years to come.

Funding Levels

greenpixel Executive Producer $1,000
greenpixel Producer $500.00
greenpixel Director $250.00
greenpixel Special Effects $100.00

Higher Level Support Funding

greenpixel Studio Executive
greenpixel Silver $5,000+
greenpixel Gold $10,000.00 +
greenpixel Platinum $25,000.00 +

Individuals wishing to become Studio Executives meet with the President of Middlesex Community College to determine recognition options.

How To Give

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Funding Production Team, contact Rick Eriksen or contact the Middlesex Community College Foundation at 860-343-5789.