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Media: A Growing Industry

Connecticut’s expected job growth is 11.7% in all media categories–arts, entertainment, sports and media. (for comparison 4.3% is the national average).

greenpixel Graphic/multimedia designers (10%)
greenpixel Television producers/directors (16%)
greenpixel Audio-video technicians (18%)
greenpixel Broadcast engineer (19.5%)
greenpixel Camera operators (16.7%)
greenpixel Video editors (20.4%)
greenpixel 1,322 total job opening annually, 420 new jobs

Job Listings

greenpixel  Disney Jobs
greenpixel  Cronin & Company (new media jobs)
greenpixel  Connecticut Art Directors Club
greenpixel  Connecticut Broadcasters Association
greenpixel  Connecticut Film & Digital Media Workforce
greenpixel  Broadcast1Source
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